0805 0802 2106 Side Led rgb red yellow blue green orange purple and UV Natural Cool White Lamp beads luminous tube chip Smd Led

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    Long Term

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    2020-12-17 14:37

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Valid until:

Long Term

Product Details

Product Description
long lasting
50000 hours
Low light decay
Energy saving
Environmental protection
High Brightness
Consistent color
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  • 产品性能介绍说明

Application: indication, digital tube, decoration, light bar, etc. A variety of colors are complete, there are two-color, three-color, colorful, and customized

About us

Our company has been engaged in LED lamp bead industry for many years. We have professional technical personnel. With the best
quality and the most reasonable price, we can produce all kinds of chip LED lamp beads. If you need or have any questions, please
contact us as soon as possible!
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