1kva 2kva 3kva 4kva 5kva goodwe wind turbine and solar hybrid system outdoor solar system

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Long Term

Product Details

Complete Solar System
Off Grid Solar Energy Systems
330W Solar Panels
4 Piece
9 Pieces
14 Pieces
MPPT controller & Inverter
1 Set
1 Set
1 Set
2 Pieces
4 PIeces
8 Pieces
Battery Rack
1 Set
1 Set
1 Set
PV/DC Cable
100 Meters
100 Meters
200 Meters
Protection board
1 Set
1 Set
1 Set
MC4 Connector & Cables
1 Set
1 Set
1 Set
Installation Tools
1 Set
1 Set
1 Set
Mounting Structure
Customized with roof or ground

Solar Panel
* High Efficiency PV Module of 17% - 20%
* Anti-Reflective Glass Increase Light Absorption
* Certified Anti Salt-mist, Anti Ammonia Corrosion by TUV
* Smart Module Compatible, Maximum Optimized System Power Output

MPPT Controller & Inverter

* 1KW, 3KW, 5KW Off-grid Inverter
* Output: Single Phase
* 220/230/240V(L/N/PE)

Solar Battery

* Battery would provide the stable DC power for Inverter DC Input
* Deep Cycle Battery
* GEL Type
* 12V 250AH (3KWH/pc)
* Battery Racket Customization

Protection Board

* Circuit Breaker for PV Input
* Circuit Breaker for Battery
* Circuit Breaker for AC Input
* Circuit Breaker for AC Output

Cables: * Grid to circuit breaker 5m * Ground wire 20m * Battery to circuit breaker 6m * Circuit breaker to inverter 0.3m * Load output to circuit breaker 0.3m * Circuit breaker to inverter 0.3m MC4 Connector

Mounting Structure

Customized for :
Rooftop(Flat/Pitched), Ground , Car Parking Lot
Adjustable tile angle from 0 to 65 degree
Compatible with all solar modules.

Installation Tools
* M8 hex wrench * MC4 disassembly toolGloves * Screwdriver 5mm * MC4 disassembly tool

Most Complete Configuration

Configuration is most complete on the market, which includes all necessary components. After the installation is complete, it can
be directly used by household appliances.

Super load capacity, with complete short circuit protection, overvoltage protection, overload protection, backfill protection,
insulation resistance protection, etc.
Project Cases
Safe Package
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