Germicidal Anti-virus Air Cleaning LED Panel Light 2*2ft

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Product Details

New Air-circulating LED Panel Light with Antiseptic and Anti-virus Nanometer Material

*  Cleaning and Freshing Air
* Automatically Killing Bacteria and Virus in Air
* Reducing the Floating Particles in Air
*  Eliminating the TVOC Concentration in Air
*  Saving Installation Space

Application: Ideal for Schools, Universities, Kindergarten, Office, Hospital, Clean Room, Elevator, Gymnasium etc.

Newly Designed with Dual-purpose

Good Combination of General Lighting + Air Sterilizing & Purification

Attached with Automatically Air Circulating & Cleaning System

Centrifugal Industrial Fan + 4-Layer Filtration + Air Inlet & Outlet

Common bacteria and virus that this panel can kill

It can effectively kill the H1N1 Virus, Escherichia Coli, Staphylococcus Aureus, White Candida, and eliminate Formaldehyde, TVOC Concentration etc.

What is the working principle to kill bacteria & virus

Three kinds of antiseptic and anti-viral mechanisms

offer you 24H all-weather protection against bacteria and virus with/without light.
1. Silver ion reacts with hydrogen sulfide ion in bacteria and inhabits its reproduction.

2. Produces superoxide free radicals and breaks down the bacteria. 

3. Material surface is with electric charge that pull the membranes of bacteria, cause rupture and bring bacteria to death.
Descriptions of Air Circulating System

 Centrifugal Industrial Fan + Air Inlet & Outlet
The air is drawn into back of the panel by the industrial fan through direction of the air inlet, and taken out through air outlet after cleaning & freshing by the filters from layer to layer.

4-Layer Filtration & Its Different Function
1st & 4th Layers
Non-woven Fabric
Dust extraction, filter larger particles
2rd Layer
Activated Carbon
Elimination of air odor, deodorization
3rd Layer
Nanometer Antiseptic Material 
Air cleaning, dust extraction, antisepticsis and decomposition of organic gas
Basic Parameters of the Nano-Tech Sterilizing Panel Light
2*2ft (600*600mm)
Input Voltage
4000K, 5000K
Installation Option
1) Recessed mounted on the 2*2ft ceiling.
2) Suspending by steel poles or ropes
More Technical Information
Feel free to contact us directly
Antiseptic & Anti-viral Tests and Certificates for Panel Light and New Nanometer Materials

Test and Verification for Anti-viral Effect of New Nanometer Compound Material 

Test and Verification for Organic Gas Decomposition

Antiseptic Test for Air-circulating Panel Light

Air-circulating Panel Light Formaldehyde Test

Decomposition and removal rate of formaldehyde reaches 76.61% in an hour.

Antiseptic Test for Panel Light

Removal rate of Staphylococcus reaches 99%
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Company Profile

The Leader of High Efficiency LED Lighting

Shenzhen SunPZone Lighting Electronic Co., Ltd. is a professional lighting corporation handling the research, manufacture and sales of LED lighting products.

Our main products are LED Panel Light, LED Linear High Bay Lights, LED Linear Strip Lights, LED Tri-proof Lights, LED Retrofit Kits and LED UFO High Bay Lights.
All of which are widely used in commercial & industrial lighting projects, warehouse projects and facility projects etc.

All of our products have ETL, Premium DLC, FCC, RoHS and CE certifications, which prove that SunPZone can supply excellent and qualified product and good service to customers.

SunPZone has received a lot of praise and trust from our loyal customers and has gradually been recognized and selected as an ideal partner, and it can help us be the leader of High Lumen Efficiency LED Lighting
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