High precision rope lights led smt machine

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Flexible strip smt pick and place machine



The soft lamp strip refers to the lamp is soldered on the copper wire or the strip flexible circuit board by a special processing technology, and then connected to the power source to emit light, which is named because of the shape of a light strip when it emits light.


Flexible strip application:

It has been widely used in buildings, bridges, roads, gardens, courtyards, floors, ceilings, furniture, cars, ponds, underwater, advertising, signboards, signs, etc. for decoration and lighting, for various festivals such as Christmas, Halloween. Valentine's Day, Easter, National Day, etc. have added endless joy and festive atmosphere. It has entered the five dominant markets of advertising, decoration, architecture, commercial and gift with its tenacious vitality, and exported to Japan, EU, Australia and other countries. And the area. It is widely used in building body corridors, bridges, guardrails, hotels, forest gardens, dance halls, and advertising decoration places.


Pick and place machine for smt:     


  HT-T7 is the smt pick and place machine, it is professional for produce led flexible strip, and very intelligent, cause it is suitable for unlimited length flexible strip, suitable for 250mm* any length.


Parameter of HT-T7:

HT-T7 Technical Parameter








Total Weight



PCB Length Width

250mm*any length

PCB Thickness


PCB Clamping

Adjustable pressure pneumatic

Mounting Mode

Group to take and group to mount

Vision System

No. of camera

5 Sets of imported camera

Vision alignment, MARK correction

Mounting precision


Mounting Height


Mounting Speed



220AC 50Hz

Power Consumption


Conveyor Transmission

Belt drive


Mounting component range:

HT-T7 suitable for mounting led 3014/3020/3528/5050 and resistor, capacitors, bridge rectifiers,and so on.


High capacity:

HT-T7 total 32 heads, 16 heads for each mounting part, part A and part B can be mounted separatly or synchronously. So it is mounting speed around 100000-150000 chip per hour.


High precision:

There are 5 sets of imported camera which are imported from Germany, and the vision alignment and mark correction all promise the high precision----0.02mm.


Good service:

We will provide a complete service for our customer:

1.we will install machine and training operating for our customer, it is freely.

2. We will provide the standan warranty for our customer, which is one year. And during the warranty, any parts need to be repaired and replace will be free,

3.We will visit customer regurlary.

4.We will sent our new information about technology to our customer.

What we would do for our customer is a lot of, it is uncountable.


Contact us:

Add: 44th.Building,5th.Cuigang Industrial Area, Fuyong, Baoan District, Shenzhen,China.

Website: www.smtmountingmachine.com

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