High Quality 530mAh 3.7V Lipo Rechargeable Li-Polymer Battery 423040

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Product Details

High Quality 530mAh 3.7V Lipo Rechargeable Li-Polymer Battery 423040


Product Description

Product Description for KC UL1642 IEC62133 Rechargeable 423040 3.7v 530mah lipo battery


Parameter Table:




3.1    Capacity




cut off Voltage:3.0V for cell



3.2    Nominal Voltage

Average  3.7V


cut off Voltage:3.0V for cell

3.3    AC Impedance Resistance



3.4    Discharge Cut-off Voltage



3.5    Charge Current


Standard Charge

3.6    Charge Voltage



3.7    Max. Charge Voltage



3.8     Storage humidity

< 75%RH


3.9    Max. Charge Current



3.10   Max. Discharge Current


1.0 CmA

3.11   Weight

Approx 10.0g


3.12  Operating








3.13  Storage


less than 1 month


Recommended storage

temperature: 20°C,at the

shipment state

less than 3 months



Product Pictures:


  • Application Lithium polymer battery:
  • Mobile phones, tablets, Bluetooth headsets, smart watches and other smart wearable devices, GPS, electric toys, beauty instruments, aromatherapy machines, LED lights, quadcopters, drones ,etc.
  • Application Lithium polymer battery pack:
  • E-bike, power tools, new energy vehicles, medical equipment, digital cameras, measuring instruments, robots, etc.
  • Tips: If you see our products and have questions about the products, please contact our account manager to send your specific needs, such as voltage, capacity, shape, size, working current, etc. We can customize and meet your needs according to your needs. The best lithium battery matched by the equipment, we are very happy to provide you with test samples, and will reply you as soon as possible, thank you!
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Other KC/UL approved lithium polymer battery model as below:

Model  Dimension   With PCM Dimension Capacity 
302025 3.0*20*25mm 3.2*21*27.5mm  3.7V 100mAh
302530  3.0*25*30mm 3.2*26*32.5mm  3.7V 180mAh
401824  4.0*18*24mm 4.2*19*26.5mm  3.7V 180mAh
402525  4.0*25*25mm 4.2*26*27.5mm  3.7V 200mAh


5.0*35*52.5mm  3.7V 850mAh
502030  5.0*20*30mm  5.2*21*32.5mm  3.7V 240mAh
502525  5.0*25*25mm 5.2*26*27.5mm  3.7V 180mAh
503030  5.0*30*30mm  5.2*31*32.5mm  3.7V 430mAh
523450  5.2*34*50mm 5.4*35*52.5mm  3.7V 1000mAh
553444  5.5*34*44mm 5.7*35*46.5mm 3.7V 850mAh
553640  5.5*36*40mm 5.7*37*42.5mm  3.7V 850mAh
553759  5.5*37*59mm 5.7*38*61.5mm    3.7V 1400mAh
602030  6.0*20*30mm 6.2*21*32.5mm  3.7V 300mAh
602240  6.0*22*40mm 6.2*23*42.5mm  3.7V 500mAh
602535  6.0*25*35mm  6.2*26*37.5mm 3.7V 500mAh
602663  6.0*26*63mm 6.2*27*65.5mm   3.7V 1000mAh
603030  6.0*30*30mm 6.2*31*32.5mm  3.7V 520mAh
603040  6.0*30*40mm 6.2*31*42.5mm  3.7V 750mAh
603048  6.0*30*48mm 6.2*31*50.5mm  3.7V 900mAh
603450  6.0*34*50mm 6.2*35*52.5mm   3.7v 1050mAh
702040  7.0*21*40mm 7.2*22*42.5mm 3.7V 500mAh
753048  7.5*30*48mm  7.7*31*50.5mm   3.7V 1200mAh 
803035  8.0*30*35mm 8.2*31*37.5mm  3.7V 800mAh
Company Information

A&S Power Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2001, and specialize in manufacturing and exporting rechargeable lithium battery, like li-ion battery, li-polymer battery and LiFePO4 battery.


Company Overview

  • Established :  2001
  • Capital:    20,000,000.00 RMB
  • Location:    Dongguan,Shenzhen 
  • Employee:  > 600
  • Daily output:  100K Li-Poly, 50K LiFePO4,  80K Li-ion 18650 

  • OEM rechargeable battery manufacturer in China over 15 years
  • Specialized in Lithium polymer battery, LiFePO4 battery and Li-ion Battery pack
  • Our batteries got UL, KC, BIS,IEC62133, CB, CE, ROHS certifications
  • We’re officially recognized by Philips, JVC, Skullcandy, Flex, Mitel etc. from 2013.
  • We have succeeded in selling our batteries to the international markets of America, Canada, Europe, Africa, middle-east and South Asia.
  • A&S Power has well presence in international fairs each year, such as CEBIT,Intersolar, KES, HK Electronic Fai






Packaging & Shipping

Destination  Normally arrive port time in working days  
Ship by express Ship by sea Ship by air
 North America  3-7 days  15-28 days  5-7 days
 South America  3-7 days  15-30 days  5-7 days
 European  3-7 days  20-30 days  5-7 days
 Africa  5-7 days  45-50 days  5-7 days
 The Middle East  3-5 days  15-30 days  3-5 days
 Australia  3-7 days  10-20 days  5-7 days

1. Q:Where can I get the price?

    A: We usually quote within 24 hours after we get your inquiry. If you are very urgent to get the price, please call us or tell us in your email so that we'll regard your inquiry priority.


2. Q: How can I get a sample to check your quality?

    A: After price confirmation, you can require for samples to check our quality. If you just need a blank sample to check the design and paper quality, we'll provide you sample for free. as long as you afford express freight.


3. Q: What about the lead time for mass production?

    A: Honestly, it depends on your order quantity and the season you place the order. We suggested that your start inquiry to months before the date you would like to get the products at your country.


4. Q: What is your terms of payment?

    A: We accept T/T and L/C


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