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Product Details

led pcb assembly machine

Led chip very small, each unit LED small piece is 3-5mm square, so it can be prepared into various LED lamp bead shape devices, and is suitable for variable environment.


Led lighting energy efficient

With the rapid development of LED lighting technology, the energy saving effect of LED bulbs has reached a very high level. In the case of the same light efficiency, the energy consumption has dropped to 1/8 of incandescent lamps and 1/2 of electronic energy-saving lamps. Therefore, LED lighting products will replace today's traditional lighting products will be the general trend.


ETON is focus on led lighting

We are set up in 2011, but we set up the R&D center in 2007, from then, began to LED special purpose SMT machine technology and patent research and development. In the past 12 years, we have focused on the production and development of LED placement machines, and have achieved great results, occupying 70% or 80% of the market share in the domestic market, and opening up the world in foreign markets. The door, and actively expand new areas, there are specialized offices abroad to better serve customers.


HT-E5D is good performance

HT-E5D is one of the multifunctional pick and place machine, it’s mounting precision is 0.04mm, the x axis is magnetic linear motor, the y axis and z axis is servo motor.This is why the precision is reach 0.04mm.


HT-E5D suitable for many products

It can apply to the led bulb, led lens, led panel, street light, power driver, electric board, etc. It is very important in SMT production line.

Besides, the max pcb size of HT-E5D is 500*300mm, the min size is100*100mm.



HT-E5SD with high capacity smt machine

HT-E5D with 20 nozzles and 70 pcs feeders station, it’s mounting speed is around 90000 chip per hour. 

With double motor can produce two different products at the same time.


Technical parameter

HT-E5D Single module Technical Parameter








Total Weight


Vision System

No. of camera

4 Sets of imported camera

Vision alignment, MARK correction

Mounting precision


Mounting Height

no more than 22mm

Mounting Speed



380AC 50Hz

Power Consumption



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