Lithium Battery Catl 176Ah 3.2v Lifepo4 Battery Cell

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Long Term

Product Details

Product Description
Lithium Battery Catl 176Ah 3.2v Lifepo4 Battery Cell
Brand: CATL
Nominal Voltage: 3.2v
NominalCapacity: 176Ah
Max. Discharging current: 1C
Charging Method: CC-CV
Size: 205*174*54mm
Weight (g): 3.8kg
Cycle life: >3000 times
Battery Size
Nominal capacity
Model Number
CATL 176ah
Place of Origin
Internal resistance
Max. continuous discharge current
Monthly self-discharge
Nominal Voltage
Discharge Cut-off Voltage
Power storage system,E-bike,Ev Truck,Boat,etc
Cell type
Cycle Life
>3000 times
Delivery Time
7-10 Days After Order Confirmed
Details Images

Lithium Battery Catl 176Ah 3.2v Lifepo4 Battery Cell

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USA: Military address and PO box address are not acceptable;Puerto Rico,Virgin Isladns,Guam,Alaska,Hawaii are not acceptable.
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1.This item is CATL 3.2v 176AH LifePO4 battery cell With screws and connectors.
2.Long Life ,can cyclic charge and discharge 3000 Cycles
3.Internal impedance:<0.17mΩ,Dimensions(L*W*H):205*174*54mm,Weight:3.8kg
4.Operating Temperature:-30~60°C,Storage Temperature:0~45°C,Whether balanced:Yes
5.Wide range of applications:solar energy storage, solar power system, UPS supply,engine starting , electric bicycle/motorcycle/scooter, golf trolley/carts, power tools.

Safety Performance Test
Sea water immersion
Fully charge the battery and immerse it in 3.5% NaC1 solution for 2h
No fire or explosion
Temperature cycle
Fully charge the battery, put it into the bake, 1h, the oven temperature according to Table 1
No fire, explosion or leakage
Thermal stability
Fully charge the battery and put it in the oven. The temperature of the battery will reach 130°C at 5°C/min and keep it for 30 minutes. Observe the battery for 1 hour.
No fire or explosion
Drop test
Fully charge the battery, charge the positive and negative terminals of the battery down to a height of 1.5m and drop it freely onto the concrete floor, and observe the battery for 1h
No fire, explosion or leakage
Low air pressure test
Test temperature 25°C, put the battery into a low-pressure box, keep the pressure at 11.6kPa, let stand for 6h, observe the battery
for 1h
No fire, explosion or leakage
Overcharge test
Test temperature 25°C, fully charge the battery, charge the battery with 1I(A) current for 1h or the voltage reaches 5.5V, observe the battery for 1h
No fire or explosion
Over discharge test
Test temperature 25°C, fully charge the battery, discharge the battery with 1I (A) current for 90min, observe the battery for 1h
No fire, explosion or leakage
Short circuit test
Test temperature 25, fully charge the battery, short-circuit the battery externally for 10 minutes, the resistance of the external
circuit <0.5mΩ, observe the battery for 1 hour
No fire or explosion
Table 1
Low Internal Resistance
The internal resistance of this item is about 0.17mΩ ,is less wasteful of electric energy, and it is helpful to the heat generation and rate of the battery.
High Safety Performance
The nominal voltage and working voltage of this 3.2v 176AH LifePO4 battery can maintain obvious balance during the whole service life.It adopts a square aluminum shell structure and a combined cover plate with an explosion proof valve, no leakage.

Customized battery pack

For customers with different needs for LifePO4 lithium battery packs, we can provide ready-made products or customize battery application solutions that suit customer needs,such as 12v 24v 50ah 80ah 100ah 120ah 150ah 200ah 250ah 300ah 350ah 500ah lifepo4.
If you need customization, please contact me.

Quality and price unchanged

Recently, due to the high demand for international batteries, the price of batteries has also increased with the increase in demand. However, Billion Electronic repays customers with the concept of customer first and the same quality and unchanged price services.

Multiple capacities to choose from
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Packing & Delivery
lithium ion battery
Customers Feedback
Company Profile
Founded in 2009, Dongguan Billion Electronic Technology Co Ltd has provided batteries and power solutions to Original Equipment Manufacturers in leading firms all over the world. Top companies in industries such as enterprise storage, telecom, test and measurement, medical, military, metering, and global positioning rely on Billion Electronic to bring our expertise to their applications, yielding the best power solution possible for their products.
Q: How should I pay? What modes of payment do you accept?
A: T/T, Paypal, Western Union & Trading Assurance acceptable.

Q: Is sample order acceptable?
A: Yes, for most of the batteries, sample orders for testing quality is reasonable and acceptable.

Q: Is your battery quality approved?
A: Yes, we guarantee that all cells are 100% original from Panasonic, Samsung, LG and Sony. And we will have full inspection of each cells and grouping them before assembling into battery packs. And all finished battery packs will be under a full inspection before shipment.

Q: How can you prove that your cells are 100% original?
A: We can show you the original pack list and other related documents.

Q: what is your lead time if I placed an order?
A: For all products in stock, our lead time is within 2 working days after payment received. For thoese that we don't stock for the moment such as customized battery packs, the lead time is around 7-10 days.

Q: What is your warranty?
A: We guarantee the quality before the item is shipped. You can enjoy 30-day free refund, 4-month free replacement, and lifetime maintenance service from the date of delivery. Any damages caused by improper use are not covered by our warranty.
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