oven curing infrared physiotherapy paint drying bulbs poultry tungsten infra red ir metal halide halogen infrared heater lamp

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Advantage: Long service life, high electrothermal conversion efficiency, far infrared radiation, health and environmental protection Product Usage: 1. Widely used in heaters, heaters, bath heaters, disinfection cabinets, far-infrared physiotherapy, beauty equipment and other heating and far-infrared health care fields. 2. It is widely used in the drying and drying of food drying machinery, tea, tobacco leaf drying machinery, wig drying and various far infrared drying (drying) ovens. 3. It is widely used in baking paint, spray molding, plastic equipment, etc. and various drying channels. 4. Widely used in the fields of vegetable greenhouse heat preservation and planting, pump room drying, moisture removal, etc. 5. Widely used in convection ovens, bread machines, toasters, food ovens, etc.
Several trace elements are added to the red near-infrared heating lamp tube to achieve the effect of cutting off all ultraviolet rays and part of visible light and making the infrared rays fully utilized. When the lamp is lit, it emits a beautiful rose-red light. According to different heated objects, the matching infrared wavelength radiation heating is more perfect, the penetration is stronger, the object is directly heated to achieve rapid heating, and the production efficiency is higher on automatic assembly line equipment.
About installation : The outer tube of the infrared electric heating tube is a quartz product. Once it is damaged, it will no longer be useful. Therefore, please take it lightly when installing. The long tube cannot be installed by one person. Two people need to snap the ceramic head into the fixed clip at the same time and connect the electricity.
Product Usage
Ultra short heating time and simple control: The ruby-colored infrared lamp has a fast heating speed, can reach 100% power output within 1-3 seconds, and cools down quickly. It is easy to control accurately, and can adjust any power from 0-100% according to the needs. Infrared lamps produced from high-quality raw materials have a service life of more than 5000 hours.
Application areas: The special infrared heating lamp has excellent quality, high thermal efficiency, large power density, energy saving and long life, and the product coated with infrared reflective coating can further improve the thermal efficiency.
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