P3 Led Screen Cabinet 960X960 P3 Outdoor Led Panel Video Wall Rgb P3 Outdoor P3 Led Display Outdoor P3 Led Screen Installation

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Product Details

P3 Led Screen Cabinet 960X960 P3 Outdoor Led Panel Video Wall Rgb P3 Outdoor P3 Led Display Outdoor P3 Led Screen Installation


    1. The size of one p3 led wall panel is 960x960mm / 22.68''x22.68 ''/3.15x3.15ft!


    2. Flexible factory price, PLS contact me for more detailed information.


Note: If your Led video wall is installed in direct sunlight needs higher brightness, please contact us to discuss customized solutions!




P3 Outdoor


Cabinet Material


Iron cabinet



Cabinet Resolution


320x320 dots



Cabinet Size





Scanning Method


1/32 Scan





0~5,500 cd/sqm



Protection Level





Work Temperature





Input Voltage





Support Languages


108 Languages



Gray Level


256~65536 Graylevel


 Viewing angle


Horizontal 160°, Vertical 140°

IC and lamp beads: Nation Star / Macroblock / CREE / CHIPONE / King Light

Control method: U disk, Internet, mobile phone, computer, 3/4 / 5G, Wifi, as long as you can use mobile phone and Internet, you can control the LED display very well

Control software: NOVA STAR / Linsn / Huidu / Colorlight / Listen Vision / KYSTAR

Warranty: 3-5 years, according to the specific product model you purchase to determine the warranty period

Seamless connection design: adjustable cabinet structure, control the gap between cabinets within ± 0.03mm

Free spare parts: the price already includes spare parts Receiving card / Led power supply / Power cable / Rj45 cable / IC / SMD chip / Connecting piece / Screw
Online Service

    Please directly chat with our sales online, in order to get the CAD drawings suitable for you in the shortest time, video effect preview before installation or other professional services

Case Study



Q1: How to choose the LED screen suitable for my needs?
A1: When you choose a led screen, you only need to consider three simple questions.
      1. Will you use it indoors or outdoors?
      2. Is it for rental purpose (need to move from one place to another often) or for fixed installation (to be installed in one place forever)?
      3. What is the length and width of the LED screen you want to buy?


Q2: Which pixel pitch should I choose?
A2: There are many differences from 1.25--16mm pixel pitch, in principle it is so-usually indoor LED screens use smaller pixels (1.25mm-10mm), outdoor LEDs use larger pixels (2.5mm-16mm) screens ( For example, huge highway ads).


Q3: Which control system should I choose?
A3: There are synchronous and asynchronous control systems on the market. For large-size LED screens (usually more than 20 square meters), you need to use a synchronous control system; when it is less than 20 square meters, you can use synchronous or asynchronous. For asynchronous control systems, you can choose to use wifi, 3G, 4G and other wireless control.


Q4: How to order from your company?
A4: You can place an order with RGX through Alibaba online or offline transactions, please contact us to confirm before placing an order.


Q5: How to pay?
A5: We accept payment online via Alibaba, or offline to our company account via T / T, Paypal or Westerunion.


Q6: How to ship?
A6: This is optional, and we respect our customers ’choices. You can choose to ship by air, DHL (FedEx, UPS, TNT, EMS, etc.) international express company, or by sea according to the weight, volume and required delivery time of the goods.


Q7: How to install after receiving?
A7: We will provide you with drawings to guide you through the installation. We can also provide drawings of steel structures, software settings drawings or photos, or send our engineers to help you when needed.

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