Residential Energy Storage Solar Panel System Home 48V Solar Power Systems 5kva 7.5kva 10kva with Gel Battery

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Product Details

Customizable solar system, solar panel and inverter and battery combination customization
Hybrid solar system
Hybrid solar systems combines the best from grid-tied and off-grid solar systems. These systems can either be described as
off-grid solar with utility backup power, or grid-tied solar with extra battery storage.
Off Grid Solar System 5KW
Components Name
GSM380-72, Mono 380W
Voltage:40V Size: 1956*992*40mm
Off grid Inverter 5KVA with MPPT charger controller
Three stage charging, extending battery life *LCD+LED display ,Pure sine wave, full protection with strong anti-load impact
ability, and Built-in AC charger
Agm/Gel Battery
12V 250AH, Free maintenance, Deep Cycle
PV Cable
PV Connector
DC 1500V
4 pairs
Mounting bracket
roof and ground type; Aluminum/

Galvanized steel;Customized
Customizable solar system, solar panel and inverter and battery combination customization

Solar Panel

Poly Solar Panel, Mono Solar Panel, PERC Solar Panel, ETC.PID free PV module 0-5W positive power tolerance 100% full EL inspection Superior quality control 25 years warranty

Inverter with MPPT Charger Controller
◆Built-in MPPT controller,Max. using PV efficiency
◆Three stage charging, extending battery life *LCD+LED display
◆PV first or AC first which could be set by user
◆Pure sine wave, full protection
◆with strong anti-load impact ability
◆Built-in AC charger

Without a battery bank ( or a generator) it'll be lights out by sunset. A battery bank is essentially a group of batteries wired
Bluesun produce 12V series and 2V series battery, both AGM and GEL type,long design life,deep cycle, free maintenance.
Product Description


AN-MPSG series lithium battery portable solar generator is a new generation of solar energy storage product independently
researched and developed by our company. It has the following characteristics:
Small size and light weight
Compared with the same capacity battery storage solar energy product, the volume and weight can be reduced by 1/3, more convenient
for transportation and saves freight.
The latest design of lithium battery storage solar solution
It adopts 2000 cycles of high power lithium battery and has a service life up to 5 years.
MPPT controller
Independent research and development of MPPT controller solution, greatly improving the charging efficiency more than 20%.
Easy to use
Simple interface design, easy installation, multiple output functions for options, more convenient to use.
Easy maintenance
The rear cover is detachable for easy maintenance and battery replacement.
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