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RT-1 pick and place machine


RT-1 is SHENZHEN ETON AUTOMATION CO.,LTD new module. It is suitable for mounting many kind of components, like the led, capacitor, resistor, IC, shaped components,etc. The max size can be 20 mm, the min size is 0402.


The parameter of RT-1 mounting machine


RT-1 Length Width Height equal to 1104*1584*1655 mm.

Max PCB size 400*350 mm, Min size:50*50 mm

Mounting speed:40000 CPH

Nozzles:10 pcs

Feeders: 32 pcs



What is smt device


The so-called SMT is both surface assembly technology (surface mount technology) (abbreviation of Surface Mounted Technology), and is currently the most popular technology and process in the electronic assembly industry. The SMT equipment refers to the machines and equipment used in the SMT processing process. The most basic equipment includes: fully automatic printing machine, placement machine, and multi-temperature reflow soldering.


We provide smt production line


ETON manufacturer can provide whole smt line machine for different products, like the tube, bulb, flexible strip, DOB, display, lens, panel light, downlight,electric board,etc.


SMT equipment operator job responsibilities


1. According to the squad leader's transfer plan, make pre-production preparations in advance, such as materials, solder paste, steel mesh, etc .;

2. According to the squad leader's arrangement, do a good job of PCB printing and post-printing inspection;

3. Strictly implement the solder paste / red glue storage and use control process;

4. Strictly implement steel mesh cleaning specifications;

5. In the production process, it is responsible for loading, refilling, and matching of the machine, filling in the refilling record form and sealing the sample, and notifying IPQC to confirm the loading and refilling;

6. Confirmation of the first piece of production, whether there are missing stickers, reverse, etc., fill in the first piece and send the inspection form to notify IPQC to confirm the first piece again;

7. After the first item is confirmed by IPQC, it must be confirmed whether the furnace temperature is the product temperature before passing the furnace, and whether the furnace temperature is normal;

8. After the production of the model is completed, remove all the materials on the equipment, return the materials to the material storage area of the SMT workshop according to the bill of materials, and fill in the replenishment list (material code, material model, quantity, etc.) required for the missing product And return the process documents, BOM and other production materials used in the production process to the monitor;

9. After the shift, do the daily maintenance of the equipment, clean and sanitary, bulk materials search, and make related reports;

10. Complete other tasks arranged by the leader.


ETON pick and place machine manufacturer


ETON company is the manufacturer of pick and place machine, set up from 2011, have exported more than 20countries and got large market share in China.


ETON provide free install and traning, engineer is free to install and traning in clients factory. We have reach and development operating sofware.


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