Super Bright Auto car accessories Led Headlamp H11 P9 Led Headlight 100W 13600Lm H4 H7 9005 Car led head light h4

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Super Bright Auto Led Headlamp H11 P9 Led Headlgiht 100W 13600Lm H4 H7 9005 Car Led Headlight



Product Description




  • China-MVP automotive LED headlights have such good attributes as “high conversion efficiency”, “energy-saving” and “environmentally friendly”, and do not contain lead, mercury and other elements.
  • Without hot start time, China-MVP automotive LED headlights start fast, light long range and have high luminous efficiency which is over 90%. When compared with the halogen headlights under the same power. And the brightness of China-MVP LED headlights is 10 times higher than halogen headlights.
  • With professional LED drive IC built-in, automotive LED Light source of China-MVP is high quality IC Chips, which are more stable with longer lifespan (ranging from 30,000 to 50,000 hours) and longer service life (10 times longer than halogen bulbs).
  • Good heat dissipation: we use fully aluminum as the material on most high power LED bulbs for heat dissipation, and utilize advanced and very reasonable heat dissipation, which will make our lights have long lifespan.
  • The outer cases are processed with high quality aluminum oxidation, which makes the products look exquisite, anti-ageing and match precisely.
  • General model used in automotive lighting can fit all kinds of vehicles light system.
  • Easy installation, most models are plug-and-play with standard bulb socket.
  • With CE, FCC, RoHS approved, good quality and competitive prices.
  • Excellent Service: replying within 12 hours, fast shipping and quick delivery.
  • Long Warranty Time: 12 months
  • OEM/ODM Support: LOGO laser printing and customized packing boxes. 

Chips of China-MVP LED BULBS perferm stably with slow luminous decay. Luminous decay of the bulbs from other suppliers is fast over time.





Brightness of China-MVP LED bulbs is almost 50% more than those from other suppliers.







01. Dash Board Error Message:

As we all know, many modern luxury cars have their computer systems built into the dashboard. The computer system will detect whether the sepecifications of the replacement bulb match the original bulb. However, LED bulb is more energy saving with lower output power, which means the computer system will misjudge the LED bulb doesn't match the wattage of original system, then there will be an error signal showing on your dashboard. In this situation, we need to adjust the wattage to meet the computer default parameters. Basically the bulb will match perfectly by installing a resistor to enlarge the wattage. Recommend our CANBUS LED headlight which is compatible with most luxury cars, especially European cars.(the models built in constant current, non-polarity, anti 18V electrical surge will much better to solve the problem)

02. Flash Speed for Signal/Turn Light:

Normally, when you turn on signal lights, two side of turning lights will flicker at same slow speed. However, if you have modified your light to use LEDs for some Luxury Cars, you'll notice that the turn signals now flicker very quickly. It is caused by the low resistance of the LEDs due to the fact that they use less energy. To solve this problem, you need to install a resistor or control flasher. (Our CANBUS LED headlight also can avoid this kind of problem on most cars.)

03. About LED Chips Power and Operating Power:

"POWER" in specification is the power of LED CHIPS, not the working/operating power of the LED headlights, WORKING/OPERATING POWER=DC12V * CURRENT;

For example: H7-4*5W: It's so-called 20W in this industry, due to it's made by 4pcs of 5W Cree LED chips, But its working/operating power is only=DC 12V * 0.3A=3.6W (ranging from 3.6W to 5.0W actually), IT'S NOT "MORE POWER, MORE LUMINA", CERTAIN SMALL POWER MAKES LED CHIP WITH MORE LUMINA AND STABILITY.




Transaction Procces


Packaging & Shipping


We are not responsible for any customs duties or import taxes.
01. Import duties, taxes and remote delivery charges are not included in the item price or shipping fees.Buyers
      need to pay these charges and take the responsibilities.
02. Please check the extra costs with your country's customs department before you place an order.
Our Services


01. Sample order is acceptable.

02. LOGO laser etched on products and customized packages are available.

03. We have high efficient graphic design team to customize website, LOGO and packages

04. Regarding to your inquiries, most of the time, we will write you backwithin 6 hours in working days and within

      12 hours after we get back to work during holidays.

05. We have QC department to test every single item very strictly before shipping them out to you.

06. We will let you know the tracking number within 24 hours after shipping out your packages. We will track the

      shipment for you and let you know whether there're any problems before you receive the shipment. You can

      test the products, and give us feedback after you receive your shipment. Please feel free to contact us if you

      have any questions about the products or services, and we will offer you a solution.



01. We 100% use original and brand new components & materials to ensure products of sufficient watts.

02. All our products are under strict QC before they are shipped out to our customers.

03. Any quality issue will be solved by our after-sales team.





 01. What is the lead time?

      It ranges from 1 to 15 working days according to your order. Please enquiry the lead time from our


02. How long is the warranty service?

      It ranges from 15 months to 5 years according to different products. Please enquiry the warranty service

      from our salesperson.

03. Do you provide samples?

      Yes, we do.

      We can provide samples of all the items listed. We can send the samples by DHL, FEDEX, UPS, TNT or

      EMS to your company.

04. Do you have products in stock?

      Yes, we do.

      We are manufacturer and wholesaler, so we usually do not have large quantity in stock.We provide fast

      shipping for most products. Please enquiry the shipping time from our salesperson.

05. How much will the shipping cost be?

      It depends on the size and weight of your order and the option of shipping. When you enquire shipping cost,

      we will need such detailed information as your post code, models & quantity of your order and the shipping

      option you prefer to. As usual, people who choose soft paper boxes spend less money on shipping cost than

      those who choose magnetic hard-paper boxes.

06. What if I have a defective item? Do I need to send it back to your company?

      For almost 99% products listed in our website, you don't need to send the defects back to us, you just need

      to cut off the wires/cables of the defective item and take a picture or video for us. Then we will send out a

      brand new replacement after we confirm it is our product.

07. What is the warranty claim process?

      Please allow me to take it for example that if there's a defective ballast.

      Step 1. Cut off wires of the defective ballast;

      Step 2. Take a picture on which we can see the serial number;

      Step 3. Send the picture to us;

      Step 4. We will check whether the ballast is from us;

      Step 5. If it is from us, we'll send you a brand new ballast as replacement with your next order.

08. Can I visit you?

      Yes, you can.

      Please inform us if you have a plan to visit our company, and we will make an arrangement for you.    

      Address: ROOM B6009, #2531, AIRPORT ROAD, GUANGZHOU 510425, GUANGDONG, CHINA

09. How can I contact you?

      You can talk to us online via Trademanager / Skype, or email us. And your email will be replied within 12


10. What’s your website?

      We have two websites as following:

      Company website:

      Alibaba website: /



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