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Huizhou Yongxingda Storage Battery Co., Ltd.

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Yongxingda has been known in all parts of China as a reputable Lead-acid batteries manufacturer since 2004. Currently we are manufacturing all kinds of lead-acid car batteries and lead-acid electric bicycle batteries, energy-storage lead-acid batteries, as well as VRLAbatteries (including gel battery). Our products include:JIS Dry Charged Car Battery 24-250 AHJIS Sealed Maintenace Free Car Battery 36-200AHDIN Dry Charged Car Battery 24-250 AHDIN Sealed Maintenace Free Car Battery 36-200AHBCI Sealed Maintenace Free Car Battery 45-100AHOur company is located in Huizhou which is a beautiful city in Guandong province, factory Covers over 30,000 square meters and have about 400 employees. In recent years, we have introduced a series of advanced equipments over 400 sets, such as Automatic assembly lines. In addition, we have attained ISO9001:2008 certification. Our production capacity can be KvAh 1.6 million per year.Our products with "TTAO" "Volter"& "TONG WANG" brands are warmly welcome... [Detailed Introduction]