Best Selling 48V LiFePO4 BMS 15S 40A 18650 Battery BMS Packs Protection Board Balance Integrated Circuits for scooter E-bike

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Long Term

Product Details

Product Introduction

Best Selling 48V LiFePO4 BMS 12S 40A 18650 Battery BMS Packs Protection Board Balance Integrated Circuits for scooter E-bike

separate port for charge/discharge We can customize any PCB from 1S to 30S lithium batteries with different current. 

◆According to the customer request we can develop PCM in different sizes and structures.

◆BMS manufactured by high quality Mos and IC imported . Keep your battery long cycle serivce life

◆Use top quality (A-level) protective integrated circuit IC, from the solution of Seiko of Japan.

◆Strong load ability, constant discharge current 10A/25/35A/45A/60A , use high voltage resistance, low inner resistance power Mosfet. The heat sink will greatly help cooling.

◆IC itself has power balancing function. The circuit is simple and reliable.

◆Typical voltage detection for each cell. So each battery will be prevented over charged or over discharged. Over current and short circuit protection function is very reliable.Long time short circuit of the load won’t affect the PCB and the battery.Temperature protection during charging and discharging.
◆PCB use high anti-corrosion, high water resistance, high impedance ESD conformal Coating.

Product Parameters
Best Selling 48V LiFePO4 BMS 12S 40A to 50A 18650 Battery BMS Packs Protection Board Balance Integrated Circuits for scooter
Rated Voltage
Rated/Nominal 3.2V
With Balance
35MV Started when Voltage reach 3.6V
Short Circuit
Charging Voltage
Series *4.2V
Separate Port
Optional (8A discharging port)
Charge current
20A 30A 40A 50A 60A
Discharge current
10A 20A 30A 40A 50A
Peak Discharge
30A 50A 75A 130A
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1. Which current of the PCB should i choose?
Take 13S 48V pack as an example: Which PCB you should choose depends on the power of your motor or the current limitation of your controller. Below 350W ,you can choose 16A.Below 500W, you can choose 18A, Below 800W, you can choose 35A,Below 1KW, you can choose 60A. Above 1200W, the same. If you are not sure, please contact us freely.

2. Can i use bigger size of PCB than it should?

Suppose you need 60A PCB but you chose 80A, that is OK.
80A allows higher current.Nothing bad but a bit higher price.
But if you choose 50A, sorry it is too small. So you can choose higher spec but can't choose lower one than it should have been.

3. What kind of charger should i choose?
Lithium battery must be charged by lithium battery charger. You can't charge it with a lead acid battery charger. The lead acid battery charger might damage MOS pipe of the PCB.

4. if i have PCB, do i need any balancers?
Yes if you can add QNBBM balancers, that would be perfect.
The Main function of PCB is to prevent batteries from over charged or over discharged,over heated etc.
All the PCB /BMS in the world balance performance is not satisfactory.
With balancers added, the batteries lifespan will be longer and the capacity will be fully used.

5, How to judge if my PCB is broken or not ?

If you'd like to judge if the PCB is fine or not, please use a multi-meter and see if the voltage of each cell is close to each other or not.when the volt difference is 1V, the battery will have such performance:driving distance is short, cut off when started, charging time is very short.under such situation , some battery is defective. When the PCB is broken, the battery can't be discharged when you measured the battery volt is normal. 

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