cob daytime running light Led Lamp Shop Online Soft Lamp Led Strip

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cob daytime running light Led Lamp Shop Online Soft Lamp Led Strip
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Long Term

Product Details

Product Description

Manual Acrylic/ PVC/ Plastic Heat Bending Machine

600mm, 1200mm, 1800mm, 2400mm.


- Temperature adjustable- Product temperature is uniform, water circulation cooling. - Portable, Light and practical. Space-saving, hot bending of plastic sheets of various materials, 1~10mm are availabel. - If bending thick plates, slotting bending, bending angle will be more beautiful, can adapt to local conditions, flexible use. - There is watercirculation cooling on both sides of the heating tube to ensure that there will be no thermal deformation except where heating is needed. - Power supply and water pipe are connected at both ends respectively. Hydropower separation is safe and intuitive, easy
to plug and pull, convenient to collect, and easy to assemble with the workbench.
Detailed Images

Step1: Fix the pipes on the heater.

Step2: Get ready for the water pump with pipes attached.Complete the heater.

Step3: Put the pump into a water container with 30L water. Turn on the pump and let water run in pipes.

Step4: Connect the power supply and heater.

Step5: Plug the power supply and heater's plug into a socket, adjust the temperature by thermostatic. Revolving the switch clockwised to heat up, and anti-clockwised to heat-down.

Step6: After about 5~6 minutes heating time, the heater is ready to bend the sheets.

Packing & Delivery

- 1 * Acrylic PVC Bending Machine Heater
- 1 * Water Pump
- 2 * Silicone Tubes
- 1 * Temperature Controller
- 1 * Water Thermometer

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Acrylic heat bending devices.

- Arc & angle shape
- Lightweight & portable
- 360degree rotating

Platform Acrylic Bender

- With Length and angle positioning ruler,
- Heating temperature can be adjusted freely,
- Safe and durable!

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