GD series muti-application 30kw 1 phase/3 phase inverter high quality

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GD35 Series Close Loop Vector Drive

GD35 close loop vector drives can drive induction motors and permanent magnet synchronous motors. It is mainly used in the applications which need spindle positioning, simple servo and high performance control for accurate speed control, starting and rapid speed response.

Power input
Input voltage (V)
AC 3PH 380 V (-15%) – 440 V (+10%) Rated voltage: 380 V AC 3PH 520 V (-15%) – 690 V (+10%) Rated voltage: 660 V
Input current (A)
Refer to the rated value
Input frequency ( Hz)
50 Hz or 60 Hz Allowed range: 47 – 63 Hz

Power output
Output voltage (V)
0 – input voltage
Output current (A)
Refer to the rated value
Output power ( kW)
Refer to the rated value
Output frequency ( Hz)
0 – 400 Hz

Technical control feature
Control mode
Motor type
Asynchronous motor and permanent magnet synchronous motor
Adjustable-speed ratio
Asynchronous motor 1: 200 (SVC) synchronous motor 1: 20 (SVC) 1: 1000 (VC)
Speed control accuracy
±0.2% (SVC) ±0.02% (VC)
Speed fluctuation
± 0.3% (SVC)
Torque response <
<20 ms (SVC)<10 ms (VC)
Torque control accuracy
10% (SVC) 5% (VC)
Starting torque
Asynchronous motor: 0.25 Hz/150% (SVC) Synchronous motor: 2.5 Hz/150% (SVC) 0 Hz/150% (VC)
Overload capability
150% of rated current: 1 minute 180% of rated current: 10 seconds 200% of rated current: 1 second

Running control feature
Frequency setting method
Digital setting, analog setting, pulse frequency setting, multi-step speed running setting, simple PLC setting, PID setting,
MODBUS communication setting, PROFIBUS
communication setting Switch between the combination and single setting channel
Auto-adjustment of the voltage
Keep constant voltage automatically when the grid voltage transients
Fault protection
Provide more than 30 fault protection functions: overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, overheating, phase loss and overload,

Peripheral interface
Terminal analog input resolution
≤ 20 mV
Terminal switch input resolution
≤ 2 ms
Analog input
2 (AI1, AI2) 0 – 10 V/0 – 20 mA and 1 (AI3) -10 – 10 V
Analog output
2 (AO1, AO2) 0 – 10 V/0 – 20 mA
Digital input
8 common inputs, the Max frequency: 1 kHz, internal impedance: 3.3 kΩ; 1 high speed input, the Max frequency: 50 kHz
Digital output
1 high speed pulse output, the Max frequency: 50 kHz; 1 Y terminal open collector output
Relay output
2 programmable relay outputs RO1A NO, RO1B NC, RO1C common terminal RO2A NO, RO2B NC, RO2C common terminal Contactor capability: 3
A/AC 250 V,1 A/DC 30 V
Spindle stopping
For spindle positioning and control sequence Internal 7 scale marks and 4 zero marks
Position reference
External zero-position detection switch positioning Encoder Z phase positioning
Servo control
Pulse train reference: position control
Frequency division output
Encoder frequency division output (H1 and H2 inverters)
Speed/position mode
Terminal shifting
C1 support 100 kHz, D1 support 500 kHz, H1 support 300 kHz and H2 support 400 kHz
Z pulse and photoelectric switch positioning

Mountable method
Wall, flange and floor mountable
Temperature of the running environment
-10 – 50°C, if temperature is above 40°C, derate 1% for every additional 1°C.
Average non-fault time
2 years (25°C ambient temperature)
Protective degree
Pollution level
Level 2
Brake unit
Built-in for inverters of 380 V (≤30 kW) External for others
EMC filter
380 V models can satisfy IEC61800-3 C3 requirements External filter: optional is optional, but should meet the requirement of
IEC61800-3 C2

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1. A high-tech giant owning 16 subsidiaries, 2 production bases and over 3000 employees
2. 12 major R&D centers,17 years of Technology R&D and patents number reaching over 850
3. Established more than 30 domestic offices and warranty centers and 8 overseas branches
4. Products sold to more than 60 countries and regions
5. 400 call center provides customers with around-the-clock technical consulting and repair service.
6. Provide professional products and industrial solutions


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