GPW-227 7000rpm Portable Wet Water Air Stone Cutter Cutting Saw

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GPW-227 Wet Air Stone Saw (7000rpm)

Wet Air Stone Cutter
Wet Air Circular Saw


Blade Dia. : 4-3/8" (110mm)
Saw Blade Drill Dia. : 20 or 22 mm
Max. Cutting Depth : 0~30 mm
Max. Speed : 7,000 rpm
Max. Horse Power : 0.63 HP (470W)
Net Weight : 2.92 kgs
Length : 330 mm
Air Cons : 0.47 m3/min (16.6 cfm)
Air Inlet : 1/4"
Hose Size (I.D.) : 11 mm
Sound Pressure : 85 dBA
Vibration : < 2.5 m/sec2
Air Pressure: 90 psi
Packing: 4pcs/1.8cuft/G:15.5kgs
(without Saw Blade)
(without Air Hose / Water Hose )


*Company Information
   Prefessional Manufacturer of Air Tools , Pneumatic Tools.



Founded in 1945, GISON began manufacturing air tools (pneumatic tools) in 1973. GISON has achieved ISO-9001 certification since 1996 and CE declaration since 1995.  


With more than 500 models, advanced technology and enthusiastic staff, GISON serve their customers all over the world, especially in Europe.


GISON proudly states that "Wherever industry goes there are GP tools". GISON's goal is to provide the best possible products, reasonable prices combined with impactable service. To this end we direct all our efforts.


GISON's product range comprises Air Impact Wrench and Air Ratchet Wrench, Air Grinder, Air Sander, Air Polisher, Air Wet Abrasive Tool, Air Die Grinder, Air Micro grinder, Air Screwdriver, Air Drill, Air Hydraulic Riveter, Air Hammer, Air Needle Scaler, Air Flux Chipper, Air Cutting Tool, Air Stapler,Air Nailer, Air Blow Gun and other accessories.



   Company History Of GISON Air Tools
GISON Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1973 and manufacturing gears for auto and pneumatic parts. In year 1977, as a result of the market demand of professional pneumatic tools in overseas, GISON began producing pneumatic tools and also it was the first companyAir Tools production in Taiwan.
1973Preceding company was Lin Foundry, established Gison Machinery Co., Ltd. in Taichung,
and manufacturer gears for auto and pneumatic parts.
1977Changed business type from producing parts to Air Tools.
First company who manufactured 1" Heavy Duty Air Impact Wrench in Taiwan.
1982First company who manufactured Air Angle Sander in Taiwan.
1983First company who manufactured Air Angle Grinder in Taiwan.
1985Began to promote tools using GP brand in Taiwan.
1989First company who manufactured Air Chipping Hammer in Taiwan.
1990First company who manufactured Air Pavement Breaker in Taiwan.
1992Moved to Wu-Jih, Taichung Shien, re-newed production equipment and expanded production line.
199343 items Air Tools passed GS- TUV approval.
1994Install AutoCAD 2D drawing software.
1995According to European Market demand, accomplished Conformity of CE Declaration,
Vibration and Sound Pressure testing for all items.
1996First Manufacturer of Air Tools who achieved ISO-9002 certification.
1997Install SolidWorks 3D drawing software.
2000Developed and manufactured Pneumatic Waterfed Sanders.
2001First Company who developed and manufactured Pneumatic Edge Milling Machine for stone industry in Taiwan.
2002First Manufacturer of Air Tools who achieved ISO-9001/2000 certification in Taiwan.
2003First Company who developed and manufactured Wet Air Stone Router in Taiwan.
Developed and manufactured Air Random Orbital Sander with revolutionary design - No Spanners needed.
2004GPW-510 Wet Air Stone Router win
* the 2004 Taiwan Symbol of Excellence (SOE).    * the 11th (2004) Innovation Research Award.
2005GPS-302 Series Air Random Orbital Sander   /  win the 2005 Taiwan Symbol of Excellence (SOE).
2006GPS-303 Series Air Random Orbital Sander   /  win the 2006 Taiwan Symbol of Excellence (SOE).
2008GPW-221/221L Wet Air Angle Polisher / Sander   /  win the 2008 Taiwan Symbol of Excellence (SOE).
2009GPW-227 Wet Air Cutting Saw for Marble/Granite.
2011Our New Office, Showroom, and Product Life Testing Room Completed.
GPW-A01,A02 series Auxiliary Base for Marble,Granite Polishing
2012GPW-A04A Mitre Clamp form Marble,Granite,Stone
2013GPW-M1 Sink Oval Hole Cutter / Router for Wash-Basin (Stone,Marble,Granite)
2014New Products integrate new Vacuum Suction Cups that can apply to any rought surfaces.


   Market Development


For being the symbol of Quality Assurance, Gison registered GP brand in more than 20 countries.

Gison participates international Hardware Shows every year, and advertises regularly in professional hardware magazines and internet.


Gison keeps making great efforts and creates excellent reputation all over the world. The main market lies in Europe, America, Central & South America, Australia, Africa, Middle East and Asia.


We realize that Gison will be becoming one of the top brands in the near future and reach the goal "Wherever industry goes, there are GP pneumatic tools".  


With over 30 years experience in export, GISON has gained respectable reputation and our customers look to us for GISON Air Tools for Stone Industry (Masonry) Catalog Cover


• On-time & prompt delivery.
• Accept orders of mixed models with small quantities.
• Extensive production range.
• Catch the customers' technical demand for the tools due to well professional knowledge.
• Sufficient consuming parts efficiently meet Customers' demand of repairing tools.
• Serving customer world wide, GP tools have been recognized by tremendous users.
• Take into serious consideration on each customer's complain and solve it responsibly.





*Download Catalogues
   e-Catalogues Of GISON's Air Tools


GISON Machinery Co.,Ltd. specializes in Manufacture, Supply and Export Air Tool, Air Tools, Pneumatic Tool, Pneumatic Tools, with a factory in Taiwan for more than 40 years. It has always been our focus to manufacture the finest Air Tools / Pneumatic Tools and to deliver them on time with attentive after-sales service. Enquiries from Air Tools global wholesalers, distributors, buyers, agents and Air Tools OEM/ODM are welcome. If you are interested in our Air Tool, Air Tools, Pneumatic Tool, Pneumatic Tools, please contact us now.



Download e-Catalogues >>



   CE , SGS , SOE  ...


GISON specializes in designing and manufacturing air tools for over 40 years. Aim to produce high quality air tools / pneumatic tools and supply best products to customers, GISON installs new equipment and updates software for improving and developing products. Most importantly, GISON has achieved CE declaration and ISO-9001 certification since 1996.


GISON insists on continuous innovation, reasonable price, best products and excellent after-sale service, also keeps making all the efforts to reach the targets.




*Production / QC
   Company Procedure in Production Of GISON Air Tools


In order to provide superior quality products to customers, Gison only cooperates with parts suppliers who have professional expertise and advanced technology in the specific field which includes: precision casting, mechanized processing, heat treatment, precision grinding, surface treatment ... etc. All the teams aim to produce quality pneumatic tools, and create new professional skills in their fields.



For those important parts, Gison imports Alloy directly from foreign companies and machining parts utilizing Automatic Machines in the own factory. This accomplishes requirements of precise parts and ensures the quality of product. Every part or final product is carefully protected to avoid damage during transportation and storage.


Skillful & well-trained personnel are responsible for quality check on their own working objects, thus, our products is rather stable in both quality and production capacity.


   Company Quality Control Of GISON Air Tools


To strictly control the quality of parts in every processing stage, Gison and the parts suppliers accomplish the Quality Control according to the same inspection standard by using precision instruments. Every staff in Q&C department. is well trained and qualified.



GISON Product Testing Video >>


The instruments are analyzed and adjusted regularly by professional organization to ensure correct and efficient parts examination. To ensure the quality of parts, First inspection, Inspection on the spot and Inspection by sampling are required during parts production. Final product testing is the most important stage before offering perfect air tools to customers.




We get material of the most significant from Japan to ensure our quality stability and accuracy. 43 models of our product have obtained GS-TUV approval and CE is declared since 1996. Our quality system has been certified under ISO-9001 standards since 1996, and that allows us to maintain the quality of our products. SGS IS-9001 Logo CE Mark With extensive product knowledge, stable workforce along with reliable & dedicated performance, GISON seeks to provide the best possible & most reliable products to you directs all the efforts to reach our goal.


• Superior quality you can always trust
• Best price for best competitiveness
• Professional skill on which you can rely
• Pioneer products to keep ahead of others
• Quick service-after-sale to keep you always satisfied


   Compressed Air System Network and Components


Prevent dust and other contaminats from entering air compressor.

The filtered air is compressed ( typically 80 psig [5.5 bar] ~ 110 psig [7.6 bar] ) using different types of air compressor such as reciprocating, vane, screw or centrifugal.




A.Compressor Type - Recommendation:
0 to 80 psig (5.5 Bar) : single stage air compressor
80 to 250 psig (17.2 Bar) / continuous usage of tools : two-stage air compressor


B.Total Air Consumption - Determine the total demand SCFM
Factors to consider: demands of all air tools, equipments, and other air consumption variables.


C.Air Compressor Capacity - Horsepower (HP)
Determined total demand SCFM : D
and add approximately 20% for system variables. Add ? % for future growth. : D1 = D x 1.2
If D1 <= 100 SCFM : hp = D / 4
If D1 > 100 SCFM : hp = D / 5


Compression leaves the air hot and wet. The Refrigerated Dryer can reduce the temperature of the air and removes the excessive water.

Air Receiver is provided as storage to reduce fluctuations and maintain a smooth flow in the compressed air system. Receiver Tank Size - The more receiver the better the system.


The link between supply, storage and demand. To supply adequate amount of compressed air at the required pressure to all work station.


Filter-Regulator-Lubricator (FRL):
FRL are needed to ensure that an air tool is receiving a clean, lubricated supply of air at the proper pressure. The filer removes water, pipe deposits, rust and condensation from entering the air motor. The regulator controls air pressure to the tool. The lubricator provides a nearly constant oil/air ratio of air flows. The oil drip rate: one drop per minute for each 20 SCFM (566 LPM)

   Factors Relate To Adequate Air Flow


1A hose of excessive length and / or insufficient diameter can restrict the air flow.
2If you are using an air tool on a hose over 25 ft (7.6 M). long,
it is advisable to increase the bore of the hose to the next larger size available, ie. 1/4” increase to 3/8”.
This will ensure adequate pressure and volume of air to power the machine.
3Usage of air inline filter / regulator
4Total number of air connections / fitting being used
5Prevent any blockage of air flow. Maintain adequate air flow.
6Remove or reduce condensation from the air supply.
7Regular check for leaks in all piping, joints, drains, relief valves, flexible hoses.
8Water in the compressor tank will cause serious corrosion to your air tools and should be drained daily to
avoid excessive water in your air supply. Dirty wet air will rapidly shorten the life of your air tools.
9Supply tool with 90 psi (6.2 bar) of clean, dry air. Higher pressure drastically reduces tool life.
10Do not install a quick coupler directly into the tool throttle handle.
11Prevent contaminates from entering the air motor.
12Every day before use, remove the tool from air line and pour 20 cc suitable motor lubricating oil into Air Inlet.
Run the tool for few seconds to allow air to circulate the oil and well lubricate the cylinder.
This will ensure top performance and maximum durability of tool.
13Lubrication : Use an air line lubricator with SAE#10 oil, adjusted to 2 ~ 3 drops per minute. If an air line lubricator can not be used,
add air motor oil to the inlet before and after use. Gears, bearing, sleeves, and sliders need to be lubricated as well.
14Dissemble and inspect air motor and governor assembly every 3 months if the tool is used every day.
Replace damaged or worn parts.
15Use original factory supplied tools, spare parts and accessories.
16Do not alter or modify the unit from the Original design or function.


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