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Product Details

Product Name Golden Jerusalem Artichoke
Brand Name GRANDE
Function Help lower blood sugar levels
Type Inulin
Dosage Form Tablets
Package Bag
Specification 250mg
Ingredient Vegetables
Shape Round
Usage 7 tablets in a day

The main component of golden Jerusalem artichoke (Kinnokikuimo), "inulin," suppresses the increase of blood sugar levels and is effective in treating and preventing diabetes, making it hugely popular in Japan.
There are more than 400 million people with diabetes in the world, and it is said that one in 11 adults in the world has diabetes, so this product is sure to be a hit in the world in the future.
Also, golden Jerusalem artichoke (Kikuimo) is effective improving the intestinal environment, so one can also expect a decrease in cholesterol levels, a reduction in neutral fat, alleviation of constipation and detox effects.


The "golden Jerusalem artichoke" is composed of 99% Jerusalem artichoke. Furthermore, the Jerusalem artichoke that is used is cultivated organically in the Kyushu region.
Also, it is supervised by a doctor, so it can be trusted. (Supervised by MD Ryo Otsuka, the director of Otsuka Clinic)
It has also been approved as a functional food in Japan (notification code: D127) and a human clinical trial has been conducted.


Treat and prevent diabetes easily and affordably with the blood sugar level-controlling supplement, the "Golden Jerusalem artichoke"!



 ♦Media features
"Jerusalem artichoke (Kikuimo)" was featured in the following TV programs as a miracle food.


December 3rd, 2018 "Noted Doctors' Seal of Approval!" (TBS)
·Jerusalem artichoke (Kikuimo) was introduced in "Inspecting if one can really be healthy if they practice noted doctors' methods of staying healthy SP"!


February 7th, 2018 "2018.2.7 "Connect with a noted doctor! Takeshi's family medicine" (Asahi Broadcasting Corporation)
·Jerusalem artichoke (Kikuimo) was introduced as "What is the 'Jerusalem artichoke' that men who are wise regarding neutral fat eat?"


February 28th, 2016 "The! Iron Arm! DASH!!" (Nippon TV)
·Jerusalem artichoke (Kikuimo) was introduced in "0 yen cafeteria"!


December 17th, 2016 "Saturday Plus" (Mainichi Broadcasting System)
·Jerusalem artichoke (Kikuimo) was introduced as "We asked 500 doctors! Health foods that you want to eat during the year-end period"!


July 19th, 2015 "Last-Minute Doctor! Health Examinations That Change Your Fate" (TBS)
·Jerusalem artichoke (Kikuimo)and the effects of inulin were introduced as a "miracle superfood"!


June 10th, 2015 "Tameshite Gatten" (Experience and Understand)(NHK)

·Eat and improve your diabets greatly! The Jerusalem artichoke (Kikuimo) was introduced as the latest technique even doctors are astonished.

To achieve this goal, we are pursuing and researching the various wonderous nutrients that can be obtained from nature's blessings every day and place our utmost focus on creating products that we can deliver to everyone.


We still have so much more that we can do.
Our hopes is that we can continue to strive for further progress and that we can support everyone, even just a little.

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