High Quality Aqueous Binder LA132 for Lithium Ion Battery Lab and Battery Production Line Material LA 132

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Li-ion battery anode binder LA133

LA133 aqueous binder is the water dispersion of acrylonitrile multi-copolymer, it has good antioxidant and anti-reduction ability and can be applied to a variety of cathode and anode materials(including LiCoO2、LiMn2O4 and LiFePO4 cathode material、carbon anode material and activated carbon).

LA133 has a relatively high viscosity compared to LA132 and has a better suspension ability to powder materials.

LA133 aqueous binder has high viscosity and pure quality, thickener and organic solvent are not needed while using it, so the cost of materials can be reduced effectively, at the same time, the environmental pollution caused by solvent-based binder during the production of lithium-ion battery and poor safety can also be effectively avoided.

1. Adjust the consistency of slurry by adding water to avoid the edge folding phenomenon of slurry
2. The small bubbles formed during the process of stirring can be eliminated by vacuum defoaming or adding a small amount of alcohol or n-butyl alcohol
3. The content of binder in the negative electrode is suggested 2~5%,positive is 5~ 4%(lithium iron phosphate can appropriately increase the amount ofbinder).
4. After drying the electrode, cool it in the air before rolling, cutting and
5. Fully dry to eliminate the absorbed water before injecting liquid to the
6. In shelf life, it is normal that the viscosity of product increases as time goes

LA133, LA132
Milky white or light yellow water emulsion
Viscosity (mPa.S, 40℃)
D50 (um)
Solid content (%)
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