Hot sale popular silicon battery 6-dzm-20

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Hot sale popular silicon battery 6-dzm-20


Key Features :
♦Maintenance-Free ,Absorbent Glass Mat Technology
Low Self Discharge
Long Designed service Life ,Deep Cycles
Excellent Discharge Performance
Environment Friendliness
Wide suitability of ambient temperature range


Applications :
Solar and wind energy storage system
EPS and UPS battery backup
Signal system , emergency lighting system , security system
Telecommunication Equipment
Power source for portable devices or tools


1. Functional Parameter 5. Environment Temperature 
Nominal Voltage 12VDischarge Temperature -15~50℃
Nominal Capacity (20 hour rate)20AhCharge Temperature 0~40℃
Number of Cells 6cells Storage Temperature -15~40℃
2. Rated Capacity at 25℃ (77° F)6. Inner Resistance & Max . Discharge Current 
20 hour rate (0.05C, 10.8V)20AhFully Charged battery at 25℃ (77° F)15mΩ
5 hour rate (0.165C, 10.8V)16.5AhMax. Discharge Current 300A (5s)
1 hour rate (0.55C, 10.5V)11.8AhShort Circuit Current 1000A
3. Capacity affected by Temperature (20 hour rate)7. Self-discharge  at 25℃ (77° F)
40℃   (104° F)103%Capacity after 3 month storage 91%
25℃   (77° F)100%Capacity after 6 month storage82%
0℃    (32° F)85%Capacity after 9 month storage73%
-15℃   (5° F)65%Capacity after 12 month storage64%
4. Dimension and Weight 8. Constant voltage charging at 25℃ (77° F)
Length 181mmCyclic use14.4~14.9V
Width77mmMaximum charging current 6A
Height 167mmTemperature compensation -30mV/℃
Total Height 167mmFloat use 13.6~13.8V
Reference Weight 5.5kgTemperature compensation -20mV/℃












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♦ Battery factory Founded in 1996 , 2 million batteries annual production capacity 

♦ Products including valve regulated lead acid battery , Gel battery , deep cycle battery  , OPzV and   OPzS battery 

♦ Products are exported to more than 150 countries 
♦ Products are certified by CE , MSDS ,RoHS

♦ Mature and very well respected AGM and GEL technologies for valve-regulated lead-acid                 batteries ranging from 2Ah to 3000Ah



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Harrison Xu

Moblie phone : +86 156 5609 7643

What 's app : +86 156 5609 7643

Wechat : wushidun123

Skype: yangtze-solar 

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