Huaji Marine Spot Light TG20-1 Flood Light 30W 50W 100W LED Floodlight

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    2020-12-17 14:22

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Product Description
Semi-Automatic PET Bottle Blowing Machine Bottle Making Machine Bottle Moulding Machine PET Bottle Making Machine is suitable for producing PET plastic containers and bottles in all shapes.
Item No.
Protectin Class
90V - 270V
Illuminite lifetime
Over 50,000.00
Huaji Marine Spot Light TG20 Flood Lights 30W 50W 100W LED Floodlight
Huaji Marine IP67 LED Pendant Light JCY18-EL & JCY36-EL-1 50HZ or 60Hz Aluminum Lights
Huaji Marine IP67 LED Pendant Light JCY18-EL & JCY36-EL-1 50HZ or 60Hz Aluminum Lights
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Manufacturing Technique
Product packaging
Company Introduction
Huaji China FACTORY, we are major in Marine copper connectors, nylon connectors, candescent lights, navigation lights, spot
lights, fluorescent pendant lights, incandescent pendant lights and ceiling lights, explosion proof lights and other various
Connect US
LED flood lightmarine lighting,LED Pendant Light, led marine lights, JCY18-EL & JCY36-EL-1, IP67 Aluminum, 50HZ or 60Hz, Huaji Marine IP67 LED
Pendant Light,JCY18-EL & JCY36-EL-1 50HZ or 60Hz Aluminum Lights, marine lighting, marine searchlight, led search light TZ8JL-A
TZ300-LIP66 Stainless steel, Huaji IP66 Stainless Steel TZ8JL-A TZ300-L LED Seachlight Lighting for Marine, ceiling light, ceiling
lamp, light ceiling, Huaji IP65Long-Lifetime LED Energy saving Marine Ceiling Light Lamp with CE ABS, marine pendant light, high
quality marine pendant light, marine
pendant lamp, IP66 LEDDual Drive Dual Light Sources, Huaji IP66 LED Marine High Quality Dual Drive Dual Light Sources Pendant Lamp
Over Dry Cabin Tunnel Pipeline Weather Deck, marine spot light, marine flood lights, led flood light, IP67 30W 50W 100W, TG20,
Huaji Marine Spot Light TG20 Flood Lights 30W 50W 100W LED Flood light , bedside reading wall light, light wall bedside hotel
readingbedside lamp, LED
bedside lightwith USB, JTY05-L , Huaji JTY05-L Lamp IP65 Marine Hotel LED Bedside Reading Wall Light with USB, pendant light,
pendant lamp, led pendant light, marine pendant light, brass pendant light, CCD9-5L , marine lighting, marine led light, marine
led, led shipnew led light, CGD100-LHuaji IP66 100W CGD100-L Marine New LED Cargo Light Ship Lighting
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