Japanese organic shiitake mushroom powder for fighting obesity

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Savory Shiitake Powder


 Product Name Savory Shiitake Powder
 Place Of Origin Japan
Product Description

Shiitake mushrooms contain many chemical compounds that protect your DNA from oxidative damage, which is partly why they’re so beneficial. 


Shiitake Mushroom Benefits

1. Fight Obesity

2. Support Immune Function

3. Destroy Cancer Cells

4. Support Cardiovascular Health

5. Contain Antimicrobial Properties

6. Boost Energy and Brain Function

7. Provide Vitamin D

8. Promote Skin Health



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Company Information

Marutomo Bussan Co., Ltd. is a specialized dried goods wholesaler dealing primarily with dried shiitake mushrooms, founded in 1986.  The yearly production quantity of shiitake wood logs produced in Japan is around 3000t. About half of that amount is produced in Oita Prefecture, and Marumoto Bussan is also located there.  It is truly the center of shiitake mushroom production.  Our company is located in Oita prefecture, the largest dried shiitake production area, so we can purchase a large amount of dried shiitake mushrooms every week, and keep the purchasing price low.  Furthermore, we own the largest company warehouse, extending over 4000m² in total, and exclusive company factory in the industry, and we have about a 100t of domestically produced shiitake mushrooms in stock at all times.  Also, our company is a member of the Oita Prefecture Dried Shiitake Traceability Council, and is subject to strict audit by a third party agency. We provide shiitake ascertained to be genuine without a doubt.  As a proof, a traceability seal can be found on our packing bags.  Our main domestic market is school lunches, and this seal has been well received as a mark of safety and security by nutritionists from all over the country, so this is one of the reasons why our company is favored for school lunches throughout Japan.
We handle the traditional ingredient that is shiitake in this manner, and, compared to other companies in the same industry, our staff members are young, quick in their work, we run our company in a way that changes are surely met with a response, and we continue our everyday work while devoting our attention to the chain of reporting, contacting and consultation, which deals with customers' problems right away, and has employees consult their superiors when something unexpected happens.  We want to respond to various needs of foreign customers through Japanese ingredients.


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