LED Strip Light Kit 10M 32.8ft Waterproof for Kitchen Bedroom Sitting Room and Outdoor

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Led Strip Lights, 16.4ft Color Changing RGB 5050 SMD 150 LEDs Non-Waterproof Flexible Ribbon with IR Remote and 12V Power Supply Led Light Strip Kit for Home, Bedroom Decoration 




1.  Ldeal For Decoration of building outlines, landscape illumination, amusement themes.

2.  Holiday light sculpture, decorative figure, active signs, displays, shop windows

3. And storefronts, bar, nightclub, street, sidewalk, deck, park, porch, staircase, railing, ceiling, or driveway.


Wonderful Colored Lighting for Room, Bedroom, Ceiling, Kitchen Cabinet, Cupboard, Bar etc

12V RGB (18).jpgRGB strip (23).jpg





1. Super bright SMD LED, high intensity and reliability.

2. Long life span 50,000 hours

3. Continuous length, packed with 5meter.

4. Flexible ribbon for curving around bends.

5. Complete smooth and even light spread, solving the uneven luminous problem

6. Ultra-bright but running at low temperature

7. Low Power consumption.

Product Description





Products name:  16.4ft/ 32.8ft/ 49.2ft/ 65.6ft 12v/24v RGB 2835 / 5050 strip sets

1. Emit Color: White/ Warmwhite/ RGB (2835 no white color)

2. Protection Rate: IP20 No waterproof,  IP65  waterproof

3. LED Quantity: 30LEDs/M, 54leds/M, 60leds/M

4. PCB width: 10mm for SMD5050, 8mm for SMD2835

5. Control:  IR24key/ IR44key/Music control/ WIFI phone app control

6. LED chip: SMD2835/ SMD5050

7. Package: 5meters/Roll, 10meter=2*5M, 15meter=3*5M, 20meter=4*5M

8. Power supply:  3A,5A,12.5A EU plug/ USA plug adapter power supply


RGB strip (19).jpg





Detailed Images


DC12V/24V RGB SMD2835 LED Strip kit


Products name: 2835 Blister sets RGB light with 24key IR remote control

1. 5M/Roll RGB 2835 Led Strip 

2. 24key IR remote controller

3. Led Bead: 54leds/m

4. DC12V Power Adapter

Including Accessories:  5meter led strip, controller, remote control, power supply.

5. Package:  Blister 


 12V RGB (1).jpg




DC12V/24V RGB SMD5050 LED strip kit


Products name:  5050 Blister sets RGB light with 24key IR remote control

1. 5M/ Roll RGB 5050 led strip

2. 24key IR remote Controller

3. Lead Bead: 30leds/m

4. DC 12V power Adapter

5. Package: Blister / box

6. Non-waterproof / waterproof

Including Accessories:  5meter led strip, controller, remote control, power supply.




 RGB strip (14).jpg

12V RGB (10).jpg12V RGB (11).jpg


Production Flow

 RGB Intelligent strip light kit


Blister package or box package for choose

1. RGB smd5050 5M 150LEDs 24key remote control 12V 3A power supply strip light

2. RGB smd5050 5M 150leds 44key remote control 12V 3A power supply

3. RGB smd2835 5m 270leds 24key remote control 12V 5A power supply

4. RGB smd2835 5m 270leds 44key remote control 12V 5A power supply

5. RGB smd2835 10m 540leds 44key remote control 12V 5A power supply strip light

6. RGB smd5050 10m 300led 24key remote control 12V 5A power supply strip light

7. RGB smd5050 5m 150leds WIFI control strip light

8. RGB smd5050 10m 300leds WIFI control strip light

9. RGB smd2835 5m 270leds WIFI control light strip kit

10 RGB smd5050 15m  450leds WIFI control

11 RGB SMD5050 20m 600leds WIFIF control light strip

12 RGB 5meter 150leds music strip light control

13 RGB  5meter 300leds WIFI strip light



12V WS2811 WS2812  led strip addressable SMD5050 RGB don't with controller management string light

1. 5meter 150led WS2812 led strip with 3A adapter.

2. 10meter 300led WS2812 RGB digital led strip with 5A adapter.


USB strip light, opp bag package

1.  50cm USB strip light with 24key/ 44key remote control

2.  100cm 30leds USB strip light with 24key/44key remote control

3.  200cm 60leds  USB strip light 

4. 300cm 90leds USB strip light Black PCB

5. 400cm 120leds USB strip light White PCB

6.  500cm 150leds USB strip light 



 IMG1 (4).jpgIMG1 (20).jpgUSB strip (6).pngUSB strip (10).png


light strip (13).png

light strip (17).png



[Precautions] Please pay attention to the safety of the use. The baby voltage is 12V, and it cannot be directly connected to the 220V power supply. It needs to be equipped with a power supply connection.
LED light bar features:
1.Flexibility: The LED flexible light bar uses a very soft FPC as the substrate, which can be bent arbitrarily without breaking, easy to form, and suitable for various advertising shapes.
2. Pure color: LED flexible light strips use high-brightness SMD LEDs as light-emitting components, such as white LED flexible light strips with a brightness of 4000 ~ 5000mcd. Therefore, they have the advantages of LED light-emitting components, and the light color is pure, soft and no glare. It can be used as a decoration and can also be used as a lighting.
3. Low calorific value: The light-emitting element of the LED flexible light bar is LED. Because the power of a single LED is very low, [5050] 0.2w ~ 0.24w so the calorific value is not high. It can be used as a decorative lighting in the fish tank without The establishment of a large amount of heat causes the water temperature to increase, affecting the growth of ornamental fish.
4. Energy saving: The LED flexible light strip [5050] has a power of 7.2W per meter, which is several times lower than traditional lighting and decoration lamps, but the results are much better.
5.Environmental protection: Whether the LED flexible light bar forming material is LED or FPC, its material is an environmentally friendly material, which is recyclable and will not cause pollution and harm to the environment due to a large number of applications.
6. Long lifespan: The normal application life of LED flexible light strips is 30,000 to 50,000 hours. Working 24 hours a day, its life span is almost 5 years. Therefore, the life of LED flexible light strips is several times that of traditional lamps. .
7. Wide range of applications: LED soft light strips are widely used in building outlines, steps, booths, bridges, hotels, KTV decoration lighting, as well as the production of advertising signs and various large-scale animations because of their softness, lightness, and pure color. , Advertising design of calligraphy and painting, etc. With the gradual maturity of LED flexible light bar technology, its scope of application will be more extensive.
8. Safety: The LED flexible light bar uses a low-voltage DC 12V power supply voltage, so it is very safe in application. No matter the elderly or children can be safely applied without causing hidden safety hazards.
9. Easy installation: LED flexible light bar is light and thin, so the fixed function can also be achieved by using double-sided tape
5050 lamp belt 5 meters / roll + controller 1 set + power adapter 1 + blister packaging box
Specializing in the production of light strips, affordable, quality assurance, one year warranty, please rest assured that the new and old customers purchase!
Factory direct sales, foreign trade special supply. Large quantities of spot supply
Warm reminder: The plug specifications of each country are different. British regulations, European regulations, American regulations, Australian regulations.




1,  Q: Can I have a sample for test?

     A: Sure,sample is available. However delivery cost is at your side.


2,  Q: Do you have MOQ requirement?

     A: It depends on which kind of products. To solar lantern,you can order any quantity as you wish.

          To emergency light,the MOQ is 500pcs


3,  Q: What about the paymente term?

     A: Usually it is 30% deposit and rest paid before delivery ,Also Paypal,West Union etc,are available.


4,  Q: Which shipping methods are available?

     A: Sea is the first choice. Fedex, DHL, TNT, UPS, EMS express are also available.


5,  Q: When can we get the goods after ordering?

     A: Usually it will take around 20 days for production,then 7 days to book the ship.

         Within 10 days,the goods could be aboard to your country.



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