Led Strip Lights for Plants Hydroponic Grow Light Hydroponic Box Growing System

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 Product Name  Small intelligent home hydroponic planting box for growing
 Model   SPZW-A01WU1
 Water channel capacity (L)  4
 Color  Pearl White 
 Product size  500*270*340mm
 Host weight (kg)  5.1
 Texture of material   PS,PC,PP
 Pore Position (Plant) of Leaf Vegetable Planting   30
 Power Supply-Input   AC100-240V,50Hz/60Hz
 Power Supply-Output   DC12V/3.0A
 Voltage   DC 12V
 Rated voltage (W)  20
 Consume electric quantity (kW·h/24h)  0.2
 Key mode   Touch 
 Outer packing of products   650*400*520mm

 Small intelligent home hydroponic planting box for growing 


·Simple vegetable growing is fresh and visible. 
·Eat your own planting healthy dishes to be more reassuring. 
·All-enclosed vegetable planting is free from seasonal restrictions. Say goodbye to water, air, soil and other pollution.
·You can grow vegetables at home at any time.


1.Break city boundaries and get close to nature at home with children.
It does not need a large area, less than 1 square meter in the home to be able to sow and harvest together with children to be close to nature life.
2.Access to nature at home.
LED Intelligent Hydroponic Planting Box is Children's Happy Farm.
Not only is it simple to grow vegetables, but it also opens the door to nature and explores the secrets of life.
It can also cultivate children's abilities of hands-on observation and writing.
3.LED Intelligent Hydroponic Planting Box is was not only health so simple, is more a natural science textbook for children.



Planting green and healthy vegetables at home with family.
1.Intelligent illumination provides full-band illumination for plant growth.
2.The temperature in the intelligent induction box can automatically rotate the air flow of the thermometer in the fan regulating box.
3.Device Configuration Intelligent Water Pump.
Intelligent pumps are equipped to deliver oxygen to the roots of plants for their growth.


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