LM301B LED Grow Light Hydroponic 1611.274umols 2.52umolJ Samsung Top Bin Diodes Gavita LED Lighting Lamp for Commercial Growth

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Long Term

Product Details

 ORIGLITE Do as Fluence and Gavita Do

2176PCS LM301B + 88PCS OSRAM 660nm Bring More Photon, Yields and Joy for You


Ideal for tops strain of Runtz...

More buds, nutrient contents, flavor taste

2.5g each watt on average per harvest

Less than 57℃ helps save much CO2

A large spider: Veg. L6' W6', blooming L5' W5' in area

Meanwell driver, UL, TUV, SAA approved, 50000 hours, 5-year warranty 

 Spectrum tuning and dimming, a mimic to the Sun's circle




Photosynthetic Photon Factory - ORIGLITE

6000 growers' and your pleasant experiences with ORIGLITE

reaffirm our teamwork we ever put in 


- Made by ORIGLITE, a sci-tech team, a skilled manufacturer and a sophisticated tester




What Is Your Strain Waiting for?


 - Know Different. Technological Features

2176 LEDs, Samsung LM301B: More LEDs, more photonsynthesis, higher efficiency, deeper penetration and more yields. The other competetive lamps made with 1760pcs or 1696pcs in 650 Watts  88pcs OSRAM 660nm: More deep red upgrades blomming, more trichomes. The other competitive lamps made with 64pcs 660nm PPF & Efficacy: 1611.274 μmol/s, 2.52 μmol/J: High PPF and energy conversion result from 2176PCS LM301B, electrical efficacy of 95.7% and high power factor

Optimized full spectrum: 3500K and deep red 660nm for blooming; 5700K for Veg.

Yields Output: You can expect 2.5g on average each watt, a pleasant sense of achievements you would expect   L1100 W1000 H56mm, large Sizes: Large footprint coverage, Veg. L6’ W6’, blooming L5’ W5’ in area
660 watts pulled at the wall. 90-277 VAC input: For global application; High efficacy, 120VAC, 93.6%; 220VAC, 95.8%; 277VAC, 95.7% Meanwell Branded Power: Continuously powered up for your crops. UL60950-1, BSMI CNS14336-1 approved. Isolated, safe, constant current and voltage, built-in a waterproof metal box

57℃, Surface Temp.: Excellent thermal management, ideal for replacement of HPS, MH and COB; Heating is not your concern any more; Save your bill of CO2

Innovation Installation: With push-locks and aviation connectors for easy innovation, move and cleaning Intelligent Control(for option): Separate spectrum tuning by WiFi or PWM tuner, for a mimic to the Sun's circle, sunrise and sunset Intelligent Control(for option): Integral Dimming by WiFi or PWM tuner, for energy saving and balance

Mean Time between Failure (MTBF) ≥200K hrs; 50000-hour life span, 5-year warranty on the light and all the parts 

More than 6000 growers around the world are using ORIGLITE's lights: Science, Technology, Bioengineering, Craftsmanship  Scientific Consultation: ORIGLITE's consultants offer free consultation of lighting supplementation for your strains, Runtz, Ice Cream Cake ...




Love Your Strain, Take ORIGLITE to Her

Make your growth joyful, wonderful for social settings.

Your mind is left to wander in a positive light, carrying away all stresses



1. Front, Back, Side, Bottom View, Sizes and Packaging  


Robust Physical Look

(1) 8 passively cooled Spydr grow lighting bars with 1 bracket;

(2) Anodized, extruded aluminum alloy chassis with integrated heatsink for longevity;

(3) Sizes: L1100 W1000 H56mm N.W.: 14.6 KGs


What You Get

(1) 1 Spydr light with 8 aluminum bars made of 2176PCS LM301B,

88PCS OSRAM 660nm, 1 push lock and 1 aviation connector;

(2) 2 Meanwell drivers, 95.7% in efficiency;

(3) 1 waterproof metal box for built-in Meanwell drivers, with 1 knob for tuning and dimming;

(4) 1 WiFi router(for option);

(5) 1 users' software interface(for option); 

(6) 1 PWM dimmer(for option);

(7) 1 IP65 1.5m in length D 1m2 electrical wire(customized, 3m);

(8) 2 stainless hanging steel cords




Corrugated Packaging

(1) 1 light wrapped with 1 PE bag, inserted in polyethylene foam;

(2) 1 round cylinderical plastic for protecton of the tuning knob

(3) 2pcs 5-layer sturdy corrugated cartons for long-distance shipment and tough handling;

(4) Shipped with 1 wooden carton;

(5) Bark cargo shipped with 1 pallet  


2. Tech Specs 


Sophisticated Designs Contribute to An Ideal Match with Your Tops Strain


Item Full Spectrum Samsung LM301B OSRAM 660nm Spydr LED Grow Light
Item No. OPL-DD8-V522(8 Bars 660W)
Registered Brand  ORIGULM®; ORIGLiTE®
Life Span  50000 hours; Mean Time between Failure (MTBF) ≥200K hrs min (MIL-HDBK-217F)
(1) Electrical Data 
Input & Output Voltage

Autosensing 90-277VAC input(universal voltage); 48VDC output(safety protection)

Power Consumption (watts) 660W pulled at the wall 
Meanwell Power Supply  Isolated constant current, stability and multi-security protections. UL60950-1, BSMI CNS14336-1
Electrical Efficiency(μmol/J) 2.52 μmol/J
(2) Optical Data

Horticulture LEDs &

Optimized Action Spectrum

2176 LEDs; Full spectrum; Samsung LM301B, CRI90 3500K, 5700K, OSRAM deep red 660nm

PPF(µmol/s) 1611.274 µmol/s
Illuminance Uniformity > 0.936; uniform photon distribution for growth of plants
Lumen Maintenance  > 87% at 60000 hours min L80B10 at Ta 25 ℃
Yields Output 2.5g each watt on average per harvest 
(3) Structural Data 
Item Dimensions & Weight L1100 × W1000 × H56mm; G.W. 17.2KGs
Footprint Coverage  @6” above the plant, Veg. L6’ W6’, blooming L5’ W5’ in area(under big sizes light and a big beam angle, 120 degrees)
Surface Temp. & BTU  Surface temperature of luminaire, less than 57℃; 1647.60BTU
Raw Materials  Housing: anodized, extruded aluminum with integrated heatsink 
Hanging Wire: stainless steel
Ingress Protection IP55, provided against the intrusion of solid objects, dust and water
Maintenance  Access by opening the rear heat sink, no internal cleaning required
Packaging 2 sturdy corrugated cartons 
 (4) Dilligent Control(for option)
Separate Spectrum Tuning  by WiFi and PWM, switching for a mimic to the morning's and the noon's Sun shinning 
Integral Dimming  by PWM from 0-100% or 100%-0, for energy balance 
PWM, Pulse Width Modualation, more efficient for controlling the analog circuits
(5) Sales Service 
Consultance  Free lighting consultation in science and technology 
OEM Service OEM design and production 
Gurantee  5-year with diode, LEDs, power supply, bracket, UL wires, etc., all included; Quality Assurance Agreement  
Sales Service  24-hour standing by 
ORIGLITE  Commercial and plant grow lighting engineering; LED design since 2006; Integral control technology with LoRa; Aluminum milling; Science, bioengineering, craftsman; Tests, UL list; ORIGLITE's Quality is pride of workmanship

 3. Optical Performance

Be More Sensible to Quality LED and How Many,

Be more helpful to Your Expectations come to be


(1) Premium Full Spectrum 

2176PCS Samsung LM301B & 88PCS OSRAM 660nm 


- CRI90 3500K, 5700K, OSRAM deep red 660nm, matches any plant type at any stage of growth, from veg. to bloom


- Scientifically engineered action full spectrum, designed for all phases, brings about more trichomes density, more yields and potency. 


- Many more Samsung LEDs compared to other competitive grow fixtures, ORIGLITE's 2176PCS, allows high PPFD, releasing maximum photosynthetic photon for plants.


- 88PCS OSRAM 660nm contributes to spotting beam every photon into desired coverage area, directing more energy to nourish lower flowers and leaves, offering unprecedented penetration, and resulting in more developed flowers deeper into your tent and higher end yields.


More than 8000 growers ask how they know that ORIGLITE's grow light is actually doing its job; ask what differences between ORIGLITE's fixture and other fixtures made of no more than 1760PCS LEDs(650 Watt), powered by an inefficient driver. The quality and quantity of photosythetic photon, as well as energy balance, makes much difference. 


Together with your cultivation practices, learn about the technologic expertises in science. For your tops strain, it helps a lot!


(2) Effects of ORIGLITE's Full Spectrum vs Crops Growth

- Signaling Effects, by White and Deep Red LEDs Newly designed ORIGLITE horticulture lighting are white-based(3500K and 5700K Samsung LM301B), and uses full spectrum to allow sufficient red light(OSRAM 660nm), while enabling a very good working environment. It can also be a very powerful tool for plant growers who manipulate photoperiodic responses for scheduling.


- Non-Yellowing Effects, by High Efficacy ORIGLITE’s approach goes beyond the standard of horticulture lighting by providing the high efficacy of 2.58µmol/J at a current of 65 mA, a dramatically extended non-yellowing lifetime and better PPFD uniformity.


- Extensive Applicative Effects, by Full Packages ORIGLITE Horticulture LED has a full line-up of these with high efficient white, deep red (or far red) packages. You can apply our Lighting virtually anywhere, such as in greenhouse and indoor farming, where dynamic growth lighting is needed. 



3500K - With warm tones to the emitted lighting, simulates the daylight in sunrise hours, promotes high rates of photosynthesis, which in return accelerates budding and flowering, and essentially makes big yields out.


5700K - The most useful for plants that are growing or in their vegetative stages, also for seedling and cloning.



(3) Lighting Intensity: PPF, PAR Distribution and Footprint Coverage


PPF 1611.274 umol/s

Profited by as many as 2176PCS LM301B and efficient Meawell drivers


Footprint Coverage, Veg. L7' W7', Flowering L6' W6' in Area

Profited by Large Spider, Sizes L1195 W1090mm and Beam Angle of 120℃



(4) Uniform Lighting 

This new item povides uniform and consistent lighting distribution, Illuminance Uniformity > 0.836 for uniform growth of plants. No dark area, no flickering.


Edge to edge coverage eliminates leaf burn and hot spots




(5) LitePro DLX Layout


 Simulation Plan


The spread of OSRAM 660nm deep red LEDs in the array guarantees a uniformly mixed spectrum on crops at short distance



4. Yields Output

More Joyful Sense of Achievements


The final yields depends on a lot on strains, grow skills and performance of the light itself. But you can expect to yield 2.5 grams on average per harvest. That's a good rule of thumb for this ORIGLITE's model. Please check the cases from the growers.



5. Thermal Management & Energy Balance & Mr. Jay Parker's Test in His American Facility


How ORIGLITE's Team Works to Make Your Lights Magnificently Cool in temp.?

Mr. Jay Parker declares, heating is not the growers' concern any more


(1) Science design of optical and electrical circuits, no exhausting rated electrical current of every LED


(2) Optical Aluminum Board: 3.0mm in thickness, heat transfer coefficient 2.0 W/(m•K)


(3) Natural Thermal Management: No fans, no noises, eliminating inferior features of traditional solution of airflow.


(4) Silicone Grease Composite: Evenly applied onto the back of the optical aluminum board for better perfomance of heat emission


(5) LEDs away from power supply, proctected from direct heating radiation. Surface Temperature, 57℃, emits max 1647.60 BTU of heat into growing space. Heating is not growers' big concern any more. Ideal for replacement of HPS. 


Energy : Heat = 60% : 40%

Low operating temp. decreases HVAC requirements by 40%



"ORIGLITE's 90°F  is a gorgeous  impression on me"

"Cool. Heating is not my concern any more"

---- Jay Parker


6. Electrical Performance(To view the following Pic., test of Meanwell Power)


Growers Can Expect High Energy Conversion and Stability


(1) Meanwell power, isolated, AC/DC power, operate from a univeral voltage 90-277VAC input for the global markets, 48VDC output for safe application. High efficiency up to 95.7%.


(2) The dual mode constant voltage and constant current output, protections of over load, over voltage and current, over temperature, short-circuit and surge. Built-in active PFC function. 


(3) Driver failure rate, 0.05% per 5000 hours. Safety standards, UL60950-1, BSMI CNS14336-1 approved.


(4) Built in a waterproof metal box for dual safety protections. IP65 electrical wire, 1.5m in length D1 m2 (customized, 3m). 



7. Intelligent Control(for option)


Separate Spectrum Tuning & Integral Dimming by WiFi, PC and PWM Knob,

or just by PWM, for Energy Balance and Saving 


Allow digital tuning of spectrum to match any plant type at any growth stages, from Veg. to bloom, or to make a mimic to the Sun's circle. Dr. Tessa Pocock works to improve indoor plant production and associated energy as well as plant nutrient and pharmaceutical value.


(1) How to Make Spectral Tuning by 3 modes, WiFi, PC and PWM? 

Please contact ORIGLITE's lighting consultants about connection of WiFi router.


- To use mobile phone or PC to connect WiFi hot spot provided by the router, which allows the site to have an access to control the end nodes by mobile phone or wired Ethernet, called LAN (Local Area Network); 


- To Replace ORIGLITE’s WiFi(SSID)with Your WiFi(SSID);


- To visit the APP for separate tuning of 3500K, 5700K and 660nm, as well as integral dimming



(2) How to Make Dimming by one mode, PWM knob? 


- Turn on the light, full spectra of 3500K, 5700K and 660nm in the highest lumen output; can be dimming for less you require; 


- PWM knob functions as both spectral tuning separately and 3-colours integrated dimming; 


- Every time you press the knob once for tuning one color; 


- Turn it in a clockwise direction, each spectrum tuned from 0-100%; and vice versa, from 100-0%. No flicker, no dazzle; 


- The last day’s spectra you tuned kept in the memory chip of PWM. The next day turn on the light, no tuning again.


(3) ORIGLITE's PWM(Pulse Width Modualation) vs Potentiometer(Used on the other competitive fixtures)

Both are used for varying the voltage. However, potentiometer has a drawback, its usage results in power losses. ORIGLITE uses PWM, which is more efficient for controlling the analog circuits or power to inertial electrical devices, and made practical by a processor’s digital output, No power In PWM is being supplied at Toff condition, and voltage in PWM can be varied by changing the duty cycle. PWM is easier to control in a digital control environment. 


8. Production, Burn-in Test, Spectroradiometric and Electric Test, Shipment 

(1) Burn-in Test


Performed on ORIGLITE's grow lights within the manufacturing facility, enabling the detection of any problems prior to the light  delivered to the growers, by operating it in the most rigorous, extreme or extended length of time and working conditions. In case of any component, modular, even the entire system is defective, it is most likely to be detected during the burn-in test.


ORIGLITE's burn-in test usually determines the maximum temperature, which the light can sustain.



(2) Spectrorodiometric and Electric Test 

To determine the spectroradiometric and colorimetric parameters, e.g. spectral power distribution, chromaticity coordinates, correlated color temperature, color rendering index, color tolerance, color difference, luminous flux, electrical current, voltage, wattage, power factor, etc..


The precise data much helps growers' precision cultivation or site specific crop management.




9. Simple Installation for Growers’ Convenience

Each lighting bar is updated with a push-lock and an aviation connector. 3-minutes spent on installation, and convenient for move and cleaning.




10. Cases & Wide Applications 


Please pay a visit to https://www.facebook.com/origulm for Ram Seeds' breeding and flowering, Kevin's clones plants, Joshua's, Federic's, Erik's plants, Austin's new facility, Douglas' comments, etc.. 


Joyful Growth

It’s ORIGLITE’s pleasure to report your tops strain do just that and more. It’s flavor taste, full of nutrient contents, ideal for blazing up specifically to mellow out. The pleasure factor rolls along down. Your mind, meanwhile, happily follows along. Just un-focus and feel it.




11. Buying Choices & Coupons 

(1) Buying 

- Non-spectrum tuning, non-dimming 


- Spectrum tuning and dimming by PWM 


- Spectrum tuning and dimming by WiFi, PC and PWM

1 light, 1 WiFi router, 1 users software interface 


(2) Coupons 

Buy 8 units, get 1 unit of 120W LM301H quantum board, tuning by rotary PWM knob, powered by Meanwell power free(to view the following picture of new QB)


12. Frequently Bought Together

(1) Foldable LED Grow Lights LM301B Grow Lights Fluence Spydr PPF1606 144PC 660nm Samsung grow light for Indoor Garden




(2) Samsung LM301H OSRAM 660nm LED Quantum Board, Dimming by PWM, Chained up from 120W (1PC QB288) to 3000 Watts (25PCS QB288), Meanwell power Built in IP65 Metal Box, Each QB288, L350 W350mm







registered trademark, ORiGULM®


Please visit ORIGLITE's online shop



Please search 'origlite', 'origulm', 'spectrum tuning led', 'origlite quantum board',

for ORIGLITE LED GROW LIGHTS on alibaba, google, facebook, linkedin, youtube, twitter


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