LR6 AA Alkaline battery

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Lr6 AA No. 5 Battery , lr6 size aa am3 1.5v alkaline battery


Product overview:

0%Hg  Mercury free!!!

We are a battery manufacturer with 10 years experience in battery line. Our products cover alkaline manganese button cell and pack battery series like 23A, 27A etc.; lithium manganese button cell and pack battery series like CR2032 etc.; AA LR6, AAA LR03 alkaline manganese batteries series, 9V 6F22 and 6LR61 batteries, and rechargeable batteries Ni-MH series, cylindrical lithium-ion battery series and related products. We support CE, RoHS, MSDS , ANATEL,KC and UL certifications. Since we are a manufacturer, we can offer a more competitive price to you. We are sure business can be concluded as we honour contracts and maintain commercial integrity.

Battery type: Alkaline Manganese(mercury free)
Battery size: LR6/AM-3/AA/MN1500/MIGNON
Chemical system:  Zn/KOH-H2O/MnO2
Typical voltage: 1.5V
Open circuit voltage:  1.57~1.62V(New battery)
                                       1.55~1.62V(after 1 year storage at 20ºC)






Motor/Toy 3.9ohm loading,1hour/day,end voltage 0.8V 8.75hours
Radio 43ohm loading, 4hours/day, end voltage 0.9V 92.06hours
Remote control 24ohm loading, 15seconds/minute, 8hours/day,end voltage 1.0V 51.54hours
Tape recorder 10ohm loading, 1hour/day, end voltage 0.9V 20.5hours
Photo flash lamp 1000mA constant current discharge, 10seconds/minute,1hour/day, end voltage 0.9V 396cycles
Camera 1500mW/650mW/0mW end voltage 1.05V 66cycles
Continuous discharge 10ohm loading, 24hours/day, end voltage0.9V 19.35h


Leakage resistance

Over dishcarge 10ohms continouos discharge for 48hours, at 20ºC,RH 60% No leakage
High temperature store 20days at 60ºC, RH90% No leakage





Heavy metal test reports:




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Q:Can you help us for freight?

A:Yes,we also have trustable forwarders for you option, if you need.

Q:Can we have our own packaging design?

A:Of course, customized packaging is available, no MOQ request.

Q:How long is your warranty?

A:We offer 1 years warranty after order delivery.

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