Solar system lithium ion 24v 200ah battery lifepo4 300ah 12v li ion batteries for caravans, campers, 4WDs battery inside RV

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Product Details

Product Introduction

Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery(LiFePO4) Modules

12V High power LiFePO4 Battery Module with compact designed Green housing, built-in BMS and LED indicator as a key-turn and plug-and-play battery solution todirect drop in Replacement on typical lead-acid(AGM/GEL) battery applications. Providing twice the run-time at approximately half the weight of a comparatively sized lead-acid battery, excellent float and cycle life over 2000 times results in low operating costs with high investment returns for end user applications.

The deep cycle 12v modularized are compact designed with ABS plastic box and built-in BMS to protect the battery from over-charge, over-discharge, over-current, over-voltage, over-temperature and short circuit.
The lithium battery is widely applied to RV, camping car, motorhome, solar system(off-grid system), boat, marine, trolling motor, yatch which give a replacement to your lead acid/AGM/GEL battery,

Main Products

Marine/Fishing e-boat Trolling Mortor/RV Solar System LifePO4 Battery.

Name: Deep Cycle 12Volt/24v/36v 45ah/50ah/100ah 

Lifepo4/Lithium Marine Camping Car/ Solar System/ Trolling Li-ion Battery Pack.

Feature: Powerful and light weight with LED display.

Application: use in predator angling boats with 12V electric outboard engine and as power source for e-boating.

Solar And Wind Power System; RV/Caravan/Motor Home LifePO4/Lithium Battery.

Name: Deep Cycle 12 Volt 100ah/200ah/300ah Lifepo4/Lithium solar system RV Battery Pack.

Feature: Waterproof box with BMS;
can direct replacement on SLA battery

Application: Deep cycle batteries designed for Golf Carts, RV/Marine, Solar Storage and more as power source.

Marine/Fishing e-boat Trolling Engine Lithium Battery.

Name: Deep Cycle 24Volt 50ah/100ah/200ah Lifepo4/Lithium Marine Trolling Battery Pack.
Feature: :Waterproof box with BMS; can direct replacement on SLA battery.
Application: Use in predator angling boats with 24V electric outboard engine and as power source for e-boating.

Solar Power System; Golf Cart LifePO4/lithium Battery.

Name: Deep Cycle 24v/36v/48v/72v 100ah/200ah/
300ah/400ah solar system Lifepo4/lithium ion Battery.

Customized design is available, OEM and ODM are welcome/ Flexible in size and shape/strong and robust metal box/built in BMS/ LCD display

Application: Deep cycle batteries designed for Golf Carts, RV/Marine, Solar storage, scooter and more as power source.

Product Parameters
flexible on shape and the size 

We are a lithium battery manufacturer, so we can provide you with customized services; The battery capacity and dimension can customize according to your request:

Product Details Show

SHENZHNE SUNBANG Technology Co.,Ltd High power 12v light weight lifepo4 12v 100ah lifepo4 battery packs, 12v 200ah li-ion battery packs, 2000cycles 12v 100ah lithium battery, lifepo4 12v 45ah lifepo4 battery pack with built-in BMS and LED indicator.12V High power LiFePO4 Battery Module with compact designed Green housing, built-in BMS and LED indicator, Long lifecycle 12V modularized lifepo4 battery for Direct replacement on SLA battery.

Product Processing

SHENZHNE SUNBANG Technology Co.,Ltd is an experienced and professional battery manufacturer, provides a vertical supply chain from LiFePO4 single cells, battery packs to battery modules with matched BMS as well chargers as a completely turn-key power solution.

We are a professional battery manufacturer focused on developing and manufacturing high quality lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery. We have the ability to provide a vertical supply chain, from single cells to pack/module and to a complete power solution with BMS. like12V 50AH High power LiFePO4 Battery Module , Long lifecycle 12V modularized lifepo4 battery for Direct replacement on SLA battery. 12v lifepo4 battery with LED indicator, li-ion battery pack 12v 300ah, 2000cycles lifepo4 48v 100ah battery pack with built-in BMS, lifepo4 battery pack 24v 200ah and 36v 100ah li-ion battery.

      Recreational Vehicles
Commercial, Industrial and Trade
• Caravans
• Pop-tops
• Motorhomes
• Campervans
• Camper trailers
• Fifth Wheelers
• Converted buses
• Converted coaches
• Combi vans
• 4WDs
• Utes
• Motorised Golf carts
• Mobility Scooters

• Boats
• Cruisers
• Leisure Yachts
• Racing yachts
• Catamarans
• Trimarans
• Fishing vessels
• Houseboats
• Kayaks

• Tourist boats
• Passenger Ferries
• Emergency vehicles
• Refrigerated vans/trucks
• Prime movers
• Outdoor industrial equipment
• Trailer
• Trade utes and vans
• Rental motorhomes
• Mobile classrooms
• Gantry cranes
• Solar system
• Scooter

A. Extremely safe and stable chemistry: PCB and/or BMS built inside to balance protect the battery.
B. Long life-cycle: Can be circularly used, best can up to 2000 times recycles, 8 times of Lead acid battery.
C. Lighter weight, with the best power-to-weight ratio: 1/3 of Lead acid battery weight.
D. Good performance at high temperature and high temperature resistance
E. Low self-discharge rate, less than 3% monthly.
F. No memory effects and highly efficient charge.
G. Environment friendly: Clean and Green energy poses no pollution on our environment.

Powering your boats-Lithium Trolling Motor Batteries
Our products offer Deep Cycle Lithium Battery for trolling motors 12V, 24V, or 36V.
Power your luxury yachts and boats with Marine Lithium Ion Batteries. Get privilege to start your engine whenever you want.
Lithium Battery marine lithium ion batteries comes with dual mode – starting and deep cycle mode that give you a freedom to power up your beautiful yachts.

Get privilege to connect our batteries in parallel! Now you can design the circuit freely without worrying about battery connections.

100% Depth of Discharge (DOD)
Maximize your battery potential with 100% Depth of Discharge! This means you can use all 100% of battery capacity to power up your boat.

Long Life 3000 - 5000 Cycles
Enjoy the great quality of our lithium ion batteries. You will still be able to use almost all of the capacity even after 2000 cycles!

48V Golf Carts
Upgrade your 48V Gold Cart from 8-6V lead batteries with the modern lithium-ion battery technology with only 48v lithium-ion batteries.

Available in 12v, 24v or 48v configurations, this system can be installed into any size marine vessel large or small and solar system. Our marine solution has the ability to run everything from fridges and lighting to microwaves and air conditioners, providing the enough power to run the entire vessel's electrical system from the batteries.

SUNB lithium batteries are also can be used in parallel, making it the ultimate choice to power your marine vessel and sit at anchor for endless sunrises, sunsets and cocktails.

We have designed a range of solutions that are tailored to suite your caravan, camper or recreational vehicle. Custom power solutions are available upon request.

SUNB Lithium battery system allows you the ability to power your vehicle's LED lights, portable fridge/freezer and miscellaneous 12v gear. When coupled with an inverter it has the capacity to convert 12v to 240v to charge phones, laptops and even coffee machines, toasters and sandwich makers.

With the ability to power inverters, the lithium batteries will provide power to all outlets in the caravan powering everything from toasters, coffee machines, washing machines, vacuums, TV's and even the air conditioner.

When used in parallel they offer unprecedented power and performance allowing those with caravans and camper trailers to access far remote areas away from power sources for longer periods like never before.

Product Packing

1. We offer high quality LiFePO4 Battery
2. Fast Delivery service.
3. Quick response to your any inquiry within 12 hours.
4. Customized design is available, OEM and ODM are welcome.
5. Shipment by Air Express (door to door service), by Air Flight and by Vessel, all Available.
6. Offer the highest quality with the best price.
7. Professional pre-sales service with whole-hearted after-sales service.

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