Swagelok-Type Cell Hot Sale Stainless Steel Tester Swagelok-Type Cell For Lithium Ion Battery R&D

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Lithium Ion Battery Testing Machine Swagelok-type Cells

This cell is specially designed for lithium ion battery’s research. It consists of 5 parts as shown below.The cell is used in conjunction with an acrylic rack. The acrylic rack is designed to allow the cell to work upright during testing.

Two types of racks are available:
· T5: Holds 5 cells. Dimension: 500 x 70 * 90 mm
· T8: Holds 8 cells. Dimension: 800 x 70 * 90 mm
Typical Procedures:
The working electrode consisted of active material (e.g., TiO2 NSHSs), a conductive agent (carbon black, Super-P-Li), and a polymer binder in a 70:20:10 weight ratio.Mix and put on copper foil, fry in vacuum oven.

Pure lithium metal as both the counter electrode and the reference electrode at room temperature.

In Swagelok-typecell, put working electrodes first,then separator, then the lithium metal.
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