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Product Details

Product Description
1.TaiWang injection molding machine is suitable for multi-purpose injection molding.  
2.The following materials are suitable for our products:GPPS, HIPS, SAN, ABS,LDPE, HDPE,PP, PPO, PA6, PA66, ACEAL COPOLYMER, CAB, PET, PBT,PC, PMMA, hard PVC, soft PVC,PU, EVA, PSF, , BMC. 
3.TaiWang vertical injection machine are widely applied to produce various terminal blocks, household appliances, consumer electronics, power tools, automotive dashboards, medical devices, open containers, cables,auto parts, Plug ,etc. 
4. Overall, our vertical injection molding machines.Wide-range of materials such as plastic, rubber, silicone could be fromed according to your requirment and available to different industry like auto, electron, medical, living goods and shoe industry.
Detailed Images

1.The electrically controlled fitting /hydraulic pressure fitting uses the domestically produced name brand ,the precies durable revolution noise is low .Locks mold strength 15TON-35TON ,has PLC to program the electrically controlled computer single to press control or the computer entire proportion (ratio presses ratio to flow )contris three kinds ,may supplythe customer chioce.

2.2-3(sections)the temperature control/projects the speed /back pressure and so on not to have the section adjustment ,suits component of the precise revertex ti take shape.  
3.May supplement Shan up mould 1S with double slippery mold 2S,lets the operator more convenient production
efficiency Gauguin security.

4.The fast lock mold/low pressure idling speed closes the mold ,locks the mold exceptionally when then automatic tight open the mold .This special safe design ,and so on can get up the protective function to the mold . 
5.Machine verticallock to cast,IS suitable the common electric appliance plug ,the electronic components and so on smallinlays to take shape .

6.The stamping die fixed/op die activity type,to takes shape inlays to have the very good localization in the mold .The end product has the fluid capping to leave the installment ,the end product takes out extremely facilitates easily. 
Related Products

The product application 

automotive industry ~ aerospace industry ~ medical supplies ~ stationery supplies ~ sporting goods ~ daily necessities~electrical parts ~ hardware plastic ~ electronic parts

Company Introduction
TAIWANG has lots of advanced machinery equipment, including all kinds of CNC machine center and inspection equipment. It has a research team including over 20 members, 40% of them have over 20 years’ industrial experience and 15% over 25 years. With these elites, our product technology is among the best in the industry all the time. During product development, TAIWANG attaches great importance to the enhancing of applications and functions so as to provide customers with higher efficiency and more convenience.
Our Service 
TaiWang machinery co.,ltd.engage in one-stop service which is from material,mould,machine to finished product so that every client is able to obtain various solution here. 
 1. Provide considerate suggestion to choose suitable material with low cost.  
 2. Help customer make mold design and manufacture. 
 3. According to customer's demand, supply machine solution,including whole produce line. 
 4. Correctly guide customer to operate machine by video. 
 5. Do help client purchase essential accessory in per section .
1.Each plastic vertical injection molding machine surface with stretch film,out side with export standrand wooden box.All injection machine guaranteed to arrive well-protected. 
2.We have over 10 years of export vertical injection molding machine and offer secure shiping options with reliable freight forwarders with whom we have been cooperating for many years.If you have any question or concerns about shipping and importing,juetc contact us and we will get right back to you. 
3.Terms:We can offer EXW,FOB,C&F,CIF 
4.Port:we are near Guangzhou and Shenzhen port
Q:What's can you supply? A:1.we can offer all series of vertical injection molding machine,support machine,material,mold,spare parts. 2.Give complete solution to customer for production and improving. 3.Offer global after sevrice,technical guidance etc. 4.Fast and convenient delivery service. 

Q:Are you vertical injection moulding machine manufacturing factory? A:yes,from imported core technology from German in 1981, 30 years manufacturing experience,have own R&D base in Taiwan. 

Q:Can you custom vertical injection molding machines? A:Yes,we can according to customer's products quality requires,output,labors condition etc,designing and custom the best suitable&economical & practical 

Q:Where are your factory? A:R&D Center :Taiwang Machinery(TAIWAN) Co.,LTD Add:No.56-8,Chengong Load, Taipin City,Taiwan Manufacturing Factory :Dongguan Taiwang Machinery Co.,LTD Add:Chongkou Industrial district,Shijie Town,Dongguan,China.
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