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Product Details

Product Description
Grinding Diameter(Inner)(mm)
Surface Roughness(μm)
Place of Origin
Key Selling Points
Competitive Price
2 years
Free spare parts, Online support, Field maintenance and repair service, Video technical support, Field installation, commissioning and training
After Warranty Service
Video technical support, Online support
Showroom Location
Malaysia, Turkey, Ukraine, Thailand
Local Service Location
Philippines, Malaysia, Spain, Viet Nam
Applicable Industries
Manufacturing Plant
Marketing Type
New Product 2020
Machinery Test Report
Video outgoing-inspection
Warranty of core components
2 years
Core Components
CNC or Not

product description

The automatic inner circle slicer is a special equipment for cutting various optical glass, semiconductors, crystals, gems, glass,
ceramics, graphite, neodymium iron boron magnetic materials, samarium cobalt, ferrite, etc.
The circular inner-blade diamond blade mounted on the spindle cutter rotates at high speed, and the worktable is controlled by the
computer to move horizontally and vertically to cut the material on the fixture into the desired product.
One worker can operate about 20 sets of automatic inner circle slicers at the same time.
Square grinding is a special equipment for grinding small cylinders of neodymium iron boron magnetic materials, optical glass
rods, graphite rods, and ceramic rods. It uses a gold steel grinding wheel mounted on the main shaft and a guide wheel to rotate
in the positive direction to grind the small square bars into small cylinder.
There are two types of semi-automatic and full-automatic square grinding machines in our factory. One semi-automatic square
grinding machine can be operated by one worker, and one full-automatic square grinding machine can operate multiple machines at
the same time.

Equipment advantages:

1. Automatic knife withdrawal protection after power failure: the device can retract the knife by itself when the power is cut
off, protecting the equipment and materials to the greatest extent.

2. The starting point position is directly programmed into the computer control in the program, which solves the hidden dangers
of high failure rate such as aging and corrosion of the traditional limit switch circuit, and at the same time improves the
accuracy of the control starting point position and simplifies the operation.

3. The screw is designed with three points and one line, so that the screw is completely separated from the stepper motor
(according to the survey, other manufacturers are still the traditional old two-point one-line design. The disadvantageof the old two-point one line is that the screw passes through the stepper motor. , So the equipment is used for a year and a
half, due to the increase in the gap between the screw and the stepper motor, the tolerance will become larger and larger), and
our three-point one-line design, the screw and the stepper motor are driven by gears, even if If the gear is worn, it does not
affect the stability of the threaded rod. To ensure that the equipment can be used for N years, the tolerance can also be
guaranteed. This is the key to ensuring the equipment tolerance.

4. Environmental protection cover design. Purify the working environment of the workshop.
Packing & Delivery
To better ensure the safety of your goods, professional, environmentally friendly, convenient and efficient packaging services will be provided.

MD-J5060 / MD-IDC6080

Main technical parameters
φ60 ×80 mm
Cutting speed (㎝²/㎜)
Degree of balance sheets by cutting deviation(mm)
Cutting film thickness(mm)
The thin-cut tolerance (mm)
Horizontal stroke(mm)
Longitudinal travel(mm)
Longitudinal degrees
0-100Grid, each grid To 0.01,Each turn a lap in order to1㎜
Spindle Electrical
3 Phase 380V 0.75kw
Spindle Speed (r/min)
3500Rev /min
Adjust the amount of work table Horizontal angle
Pitch angle of elevation
Cooling tank capacity(kg)
Cooling tank motor
3 Phase 380V 0.12kw 2780r/min
Three-phase four-wire 50Hz 380V
1000 ×1100 ×1600

MD-IDC9580/ MD-J5090

Main technical parameters
Max machining size(mm)
φ95 ×80 mm
Cutting speed (㎝²/㎜)
Degree of balance sheets by cutting deviation(mm)
Cutting film thickness(mm)
The thin-cut tolerance(mm)
Horizontal stroke(mm)
Longitudinal travel(mm)
Spindle Electrical
3 Phase 1.1kw
Spindle Speed (r/min)
Adjust the amount of work clamp: Horizontal angle
Pitch angle of elevation
Cooling tank capacity(kg
Cooling tank motor
3 Phase 0.12kw 2780r/min
Three-phase four-wire 50Hz 380V
1130 ×850 ×1 500
Company Profile
Guangzhou Minder-Hightech Co.,Ltd(MINDER-HIGHTECH CO.LIMITED HONGKONG ) is focused on connection(welding). We are comprised by a group of high educated specialists,with the leader of overseas professor, some of us have more than 20 years welding experience,our goal is to provide high performance product but low price and exceeded service. We care for the safety of operator, this year, we developed a safety system in spot welding industry named SOFT TOUCH system,which can prevent heavy pinch point injury. We are specialized in most of the connection(welding) technics,the most application we have participated in are electronic component(resistance,capacitor,inductor),chip on board,automotive electronic accessories,cell phone,IC cards,motor armature commutator etc.By material, we have engaged in connecting the Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Au(gold), Platinum, Nickel, Enameled wire, etc. We also provided the full IC package line; and LED producing line; Crystal oscillator producing line; as well as the wafer machining equipment. Our product are classified into resistance spot welding,inverter seam welding, ultrasonic wire bonding,hot bar soldering,automatic TIN soldering,stud welding, all the product are with mature latest technology,high performance,high precision,and high reliability. At the same time, we maintain a good relationship with the high school scientific research institution,we know the newest connection(welding) technology direction all over the world, committed to give out the best connection(welding) solution to our global customer. We chose the most open and industrialized city-guangzhou-to be our base head place,to ensure the efficiency and rapidly response. These years,we proud of our growth with the famous company such as TPT,K&S,ASM,Bosch,Miyachi,Uniteck,Avio,Apollo,LPKF etc.
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