XHL-SA101 semi automatic glue potting machine for led letters light

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Product Details

Application scope of semi-automatic dispensing machine:

Mainly in the electronics industry, LED industry, handicraft industry widely used in: LED all sleeving soft light strip irrigation and lamps, waterproof power supply, handicrafts, filters, filters, LED soft light strip, hard light strip and other products irrigation, high flexibility handheld adhesive technology;It is also widely used in other industries. 





1Glue Ratio5:1 to3:1 Can be adjust in this ratio
2Stirring MethodDynamic stirring
3Work tableConfigure yourself
4Programming methodfigure programming
5External dimension850*700*1400MM
6Pump A Screw pump
7Pump BGear  pump
8Glue Barrel VolumeA:25L With stir ,B:20L heating 
9Squeeze Glue NozzleSingle with standard , can be customized multi nozzle
10Input air pressure0.5-0.7Mpa


Device Configuraion:

1Control SystemPLC+ SCM +7.2 inch touch screen
2Software SystemIndependent research and development, English interface
3Stepper motorYAKO independent research and development
4Cut-off SystemIndependent research and development manufacturing
5Mixing ArrangementIndependent research and development manufacturing
6Cleaning SystemGas-liquid Cleaning
7Rack MaterialSteel Structure
8Slide PartsA3*3mm Independent research and development manufacturing


Machine Efficiency

1English Operate interface

Anti-dumbing-type operation program design, simple operation, practical, ordinary workers can learn in 5 minutes

You know operation easily

2Import electronic control system

Main electrical wiring, dust, anti - static, are up to foreign standards

Relay omron.

Adopt sinjie PLC

Overload protection for all motors

3Glue Volum testing feedback functionThe glue drum is equipped with the function of low liquid level alarm
4Four times protection of glue filtrationFilter protection measures, reduce the mechanical pump failure probability, prevent the impurities in the glue into the glue pipe
5High precision mechanical pump bodyPrecision adjustment wear resistant
6Fully automatic mechanical stirringThe mixing speed of AB glue can be adjusted from 0 to 3000rpm by dynamic and mechanical stirring
7Glue barrel heatingImported high quality and reliable safety coefficient of silica gel sheet heating, super protection


Main features of glue dispensing

1) this device is designed to provide adhesive irrigation for customers' products like LED power supply, point light source, buried lamp and wall washing lamp. It is convenient and flexible to use handheld adhesive irrigation.

2) different two-component glues, such as silica gel, epoxy resin, PU adhesive, polyurethane, UV adhesive, etc.

3) you can check the operation and proofing effect of the equipment by making samples on site, or send video with good shooting proofing to you for specific information.

4) multiple (touch screen, foot pedal, hand-held glue head) control glue release to ensure even glue release.

5) the material barrel is equipped with a heating system to make the glue flow better and guarantee the pouring quality;

6) with automatic pressure induction, timing glue discharging and automatic cleaning function, automatic glue mixing function.

7) independent research and development of core technology, high service dynamic mixing system, unique selection of sealing design, to ensure even mixing;

8) equipped with AB cleaning 3 drums, can place the corresponding glue, and the cleaning cylinder is automatically cleaned by adding the corresponding cleaning liquid after filling the glue.


Suitable for all kinds of two-component glue: silica gel, UV glue, AB glue, epoxy resin, etc.


Service : 

1) All the products will be delivery after strict QC ;

2) Free sample testing ;

3) One year quality warantee ; 

4) Some free spare parts (Cost $50 ) ; 

5) Life time service of the machine , Can replace all kinds of the spare parts once the customer required , it will be free cost in 1 warantee year , it will be costed after warantee ,but personal damaged and force majeure excluded ; 

6) We can custimize any specification glue dispeser machine with different products requirement; 


Shenzhen XHL Industrial Development Co., Ltd is professional in researching and manufacturing high quality glue dispenser machine , glue potting machine ,glue mixing machine ,LED silicon Strip extrusion machine , automatic Robert screw locking machine and automatic soldering machine etc automatic equipment. The products are using for LED , Widely used in arts and crafts (stickers, patches, trademark paper, cartoon paper, label, photo album), digital electronics, LED waterproof power supply, smart card signage, IC card, trademark, logo label (circuit board, PCB), clothing accessories and so on .

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