0.6m semi automatic SMT screen printer stencil printer solder paste printer for LED strip light bulb

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Product Details

0.6m semi automatic screen printer solder paste stencil printing machine

SMT pick and place machine 

Product model: 1068

Product features:

Use the servo system for easy and accurate positioning.

- It adopts imported linear high-speed guide rail and imported speed motor to drive the scraper seat to ensure printing accuracy.

- The printing scraper can be rotated 45 degrees upward to fix and clean the printing plate and scraper.

- The blade holder can be adjusted forward and backward to select the appropriate printing position.

- Combined printing plate with fixed groove and PIN, easy installation and adjustment, suitable for single and double panel printing.

- The school edition adopts stencil net movement, combined with printing (PCB) X, Y, Z. Calibration is quick and easy.

- Adopt PLC and touch screen man-machine interface control, simple, convenient and more suitable for human-machine dialogue.

- can be set to one-way and two-way, a variety of printing methods.

- With automatic counting function, convenient production statistics.

- adjustable blade angle, steel scraper, rubber scraper are suitable.

- The man-machine interface has a screen protection function to protect the service life of the man-machine interface.

- Adopt unique programming, printing scraper seat is easy to adjust.

- Press speed man-machine interface display, digital control can be arbitrary.


Technical parameters:

The number type


Printing machine covers an area

700 x 320mm

Frame size

370 * 470 mm, 1000 * 400 mm

Substrate size

600 x 250 mm, 600 x 300 mm

Printing Area


Base plate thickness

0.2 ~ 2.2 mm

Plate fine-tune

the Front/Back + 10 mm R/L + 10 mm

The printing accuracy

+ / - 0.02 mm

Machines repeat accuracy

+ / - 0.03 mm

Minimum spacing

0.35 mm

The use of air compressor

4-7 KGF/Cm2


220V 50/60Hz, 100W

Machine size

1050 x 900x 1650mm

The machine weight

280 kg









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1. Can you do OEM?
Yes. Also can be customized according to the customer's specific requirements.


2. If 110V is available?
Yes. 110V and 220V can be switched arbitrarily.


3. What kind of plug does your product equip with?
American or Australian or European or UK plug or other types of plug.

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