LED light strip FR4 PCB separator 1.2m 1.5m fiber aluminum board PCB depanelling cutting machine

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1200-1500mm Aluminum fiber PCB cutting machine PCB separator machine

fiber PCB separator machine

Product features: fast split board, no burr, no deformation. After dividing the board, it can be reconnected with the original board, no gap!
1. cutter machine adopts unique cutting method, cutting the circuit board composed of six blades, on the two as a group, to form a cutting unit. They are A, B, C, three groups. The cutting process is divided into three stages, the first cutting blade group A circuit board 40%, too then run again from the A B blade knife through the slot, once again completed 40% of the volume cutting, and finally by the C group of the last 20% blade cutting and finishing, because each cutting amount is very small, so the cutting process should have a more traditional way off force decreased by more than 80%, segmentation the edge of the circuit board smooth smooth, the surface is very smooth, not twisted. Alice is currently on the market can not guarantee the cutting of aluminum after deformation of the machine.
2, because of many times of cutting, the cutting process is very stable, greatly improving the positioning ability of the V-CUT slot. Even if the V-CUT slot is very shallow, there will be no V-CUT slot jumping out of the guide knife, avoiding the bad.
3, all cutting blades are calibrated by an excitation dual frequency laser interferometer, ensuring that the rear knives can continue to cut accurately in the groove cut through the rake. The tool tip runout is no more than 0.02mm., ensuring the perfect cutting quality.

Model 8000
Power Supply AC 220V, 50Hz, 40W
Applicable material Aluminum PCB, fiber PCB
Max cutting lenth 200-1500mm
Cutting thickness 0.5-2mm
Cutting speed 80, 120, 200, 300mm/s
Working temperature 10~35℃
Machine size 830*400*240mm
Plate installed size 2600*400*240mm
Blade material Japan SKH7 HSS
Blade bearing Japan SKD-11
Motor ZD.5GN-20K, 51K 60RGN-CF
Electrical SSR-25DA
Weight 36kg




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1. Can you do OEM?
Yes. Also can be customized according to the customer's specific requirements.


2. If 110V is available?
Yes. 110V and 220V can be switched arbitrarily.


3. What kind of plug does your product equip with?
American or Australian or European or UK plug or other types of plug.

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