KMW Marine engine lithium battery 12.6v Deep Cycle 12v 40ah lithium ion batteries

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Product Details

Our advantage: 1.We are a factory manufacturer, and we have factories in Huizhou, Shenzhen.
2.A new batch of popular large-capacity ultra-light type, ABS shell, ternary lithium material, the higher the energy density, the lighter the weight. 3.Use A+ grade battery manufacturing! Contains BMS, and has built-in overload and overcharge protection 4.Small size, light weight, large capacity, lighten your burden 5.Pure copper terminals, LCD display, check the power supply at any time, and connect the electronic products to supply power via USB 6.Two batteries can be connected in parallel to form 24v, load 24v electrical appliances 7.Purchase batteries and provide charger backpacks for free. 8.We provide customized services, OEM.
The advantages of ternary polymer compared with lead-acid batteries: * There are many kinds of green, non-toxic and non-polluting raw materials. * Long life (2000-3000 cycles, lead-acid is ~400). * Lightweight-save 70% weight * Charging speed increased by 6 times * Reduce the total life cycle cost. * No heavy metals or acids; environmentally friendly * Maintenance-free. * Internal BMS; higher reliability. * There is no memory effect. * Less affected by high temperature.
Product model
KMW-12v power Lithium Battery
Battery capacity
Battery type
Top grade A 3.7v Ternary polymer batteries cell
Electric quantity display
LED Display Indicator(0-100%)
Instantaneous current
Overcharge cut-off voltage
Over discharge voltage
Continuous current
Standard charging current (A)
USB output
Terminal Type
High quality pure copper terminal
Case material
High-quality ABS shell
Suitable temperature for charging
Suitable temperature for discharge
Storage temperature range
3 years
cycle life
Packing list
12.6v lithium battery * 1,Camouflage backpack*1
10A charger * 1, instruction * 1
Product size
Product Description
Battery application:
Suitable for automobiles, electric bicycles, medical machinery and equipment, industrial machinery and equipment, electric boats, detectors, cord reels, lighting, 12v power supply, solar panel storage, etc.
Carry lithium batteries on board or outdoors. Plug in the power and use 12v marine motors, lighting equipment, car refrigerators, etc. You can also charge laptops, Bluetooth speakers, mobile phones, mobile power supplies or other gadgets through the USB in the battery. A real backup power supply for outdoor cars. A battery with a capacity of more than 40ah can start a four-wheeled car. It can be used in car inverters, hernia lights, etc.
For transportation, we can provide DDP services, including double clearing including door-to-door tax collection. Air or sea/rail transportation. For large or multiple purchases, the transportation cost will be relatively cheap. Please contact us before placing an order. We will provide you with different solutions.
Packing & Delivery
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Q1. Do you provide OEM/ODM services?
A: yes,Our factory and engineer team have extensive experience in providing OEM/ODM services.

Q2.Why can we choose you?
1) Reliable-we are a real company and we are committed to a win-win situation.
2) Professional-we provide the products you want.
3) Factory-We have factories, so the price is reasonable

Q3.Can you accept sample orders?
We can. Before bulk ordering, we can provide samples for testing.

Q4.What is your delivery time?
1) Sample orders will be shipped from our factory within 3 working days.
2) General orders will be shipped from our factory within 15 working days.
3) Large orders will be delivered from our factory within 30 working days at most.

Q5.What is your shipment?
1) by EMS, DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS or other express methods.
2) Through our freight forwarder (air or sea).
3) By your own freight forwarder.
4) Domestic freight forwarder to any city in China.
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