universal 18W LED PLL

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universal 18W LED PLL
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universal 18W LED PLL

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Product Information









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Long Term

Product Details



universal 18W LED PLL


Suitable for replacing 2G11 CFL lamp in luminaire with ECG



product features

All in one 2G11 LED PLL solution. Electronic ballast, magnetic ballast and mains power input compatibility. Function with many common electronic ballasts. Help directly replace old 2G11 18W fluorescent tube. No ballast bypassing. No fixture rewiring. Just plug & play installation.

(Model: ECGall 2G11 9W LED tube)

l Electronic control Gear (ECG) compatibility.

l Magnetic ballast compatibility

l Mains voltage (100V ~ 240V) compatibility

l Directly retrofit conventional 2G11 18W PLL compact fluorescent lamp

l Re-using the existing fixture without major modifications

l Over 30,000-hour life service

l Better Color rendering index above 80

l Mercury-free and RoHS compliant

l No discoloration of light over life of tube

l Also suitable for operation at low temperature

l No bending or warping thanks to good quality aluminum housing.


Product Description



All-in-one Compatibility ECGall 2G11 9W LED PLL lamp



Direct Replacement Target

Traditional 2G11 18w PLL fluorescent lamp


Electronic ballast, mains input ( 100V ~ 240V)

Driving Voltage

HF operation: Upon ballast output

AC operation: 100V ~ 240V



Conventional Wattage Equivalent


Base Cap


Life Span (Hours)

HF operation: 50000 hours

AC operation: 30000 hours

Lumens per Watt

150 lm/W


1350 lm

Length Dimension

227 mm


Better than 80

Beam Angle (Degrees)


Color Temperature (CCT)

2700K ~ 6500K

Base material


PC cover

Clear / Milky



Product Model: ECGall 2G11 9W LED lamp

Order number

Direct Retrofit Target


 Old 2G11 18W 2700K PLL and DULUX L CFL


 Old 2G11 18W 3000K PLL and DULUX L CFL


 Old 2G11 18W 4000K PLL and DULUX L CFL


 Old 2G11 18W 5000K PLL and DULUX L CFL


 Old 2G11 18W 6000K PLL and DULUX L CFL


 Old 2G11 18W 6500K PLL and DULUX L CFL


All in one 2G11 LED PLL solution. Electronic ballast, magnetic ballast and mains power input compatibility. Function with many common electronic ballasts. Help directly replace old 2G11 18W fluorescent tube. No ballast bypassing. No fixture rewiring. Just plug & play installation.

ECGall 2G11 LED retrofit lamps provide all compatible multiple functions, which can work with Electronic Control Gear (ECG or called electronic ballast), conventional control gear (CCG, or called magnetic ballast) or AC main power compatibility. Some of existing 4 pin 2G11 lighting fixtures still using old PLL 18W CFL, but some luminaires are rewired into AC mains operation. It’s not easy for end users to distinguish the difference between them. With our amazing solutions, the end-users need not concern the applicability in luminaire, even though the fixtures have been rewired or ballasts have been bypassed. The installation of LED lamps can be much safer and simpler.

Our ECGall series 2G11 LED solutions can retrofit old 18W PLL, 24W PLL, 36W PLL, 40W PLL or 55WPLL. Judging by the needs of your project, we will be able to advise you on appropriate fixtures, lamps, LED driver, or smart lighting solutions. Always welcome to contact with our specialist to know more about so-called universal compatibility PLL LED lighting solutions or more.

Website :  www.best-energysaving-tech.com

Tel: +886- 6-312-8310   

Fax: +886- 6-312-1809



Company Information

 Benson Energy Saving Technology ( BEST) is an original design manufacturer located in Taiwan.  We design the innovative T5, T8, G24 and 2G11 LED retrofit products just like fluorescent ones.  In other words, our retrofit products have exact the same parameters as FL, just with better LED light engine and without LED driver inside.

In response to global climate change and the unstoppable trend of low-carbon economy, the BEST has seriously taken social responsibility of environmental protection as our mission. We promote ” Lumiaire Reuse Initiative” to avoid emerging E-WASTE disaster and try to give “old luminaire a new life.”   The concept can be said as “ Reuse the lumininaire. Save the planet. Light the future.” 

The BEST owns unique patents for LED retrofit products which can directly replace traditional ones, especially in low pressure discharge lamps. Our approach is simple and easy to help people reuse existing usable light fittings and keep on the track of circular economy. 

The product strategy is based on the core technology of electronic ballast (ECG) compatibility to develop two major series of LED lamps: ECGsmart series and ECGall series.  ECGsmart series , including T5,T8,G24,2G11 LED lamps, not only work with ECG, but also function with external dimmable LED driver so as to meet the needs of future smart lighting. The transition between ECG and LED driver is seamless and painless as well as follow the trend of circular economy. ECGall series, also covering T5,T8,G24,2G11 LED lamps, have multi-functional compatibilities. Except the ECG compatible, ECGall can function with CCG( T8 only), direct AC main power or external non-dimmable LED driver to meet users’ different application needs.



Company Culture

Our Belief:   

To be ”Impartial and Righteous”  company. To produce “Innovative and Excellent” product. To inspire “Diligent and Enthusiastic” employee.  To have “Caring an Commitment” to Society.

Our Vision:

Preserve and protect the nature of earth to create more eco-friendly environment for our next generation.

Our Mission:

To be a leader in global lighting industry by continual innovations

Our Strategy:

Innovate quality, energy-saving and eco-friendly products to exceed customer’s expectations and contribute to social responsibility.

 Our quality policy:

To create excellent quality and provide the most competitive products

To meet customers’ needs and ensure their satisfactory 

To involve everyone and implement continual improvement






BSET ECGsmart 2G11 retrofit LED bulb


Suitable for replacing 2G11 CFL lamp in luminaire with ECG


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